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Sora is the main protagonist from Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts franchise: a clever hybrid of famous RPG Final Fantasy and Disney. That being said, Sora has the personality you’d expect from a Disney character and the fashion sense and hairstyle of an RPG character. He is stuck with your typical, “young, bored boy is suddenly plunged into an adventure of action and wild fantasy” plot when he discovers he can wield a magic weapon called the Keyblade and his home is sucked into darkness. He teams up with Donald Duck and Goofy to take on evil throughout the various worlds (such as Agrabah, Halloweentown, Olympus, etc.) all the while searching for/protecting his other friends Kairi and Riku. It’s a very complicated plot, and if you’re at all interested, may I suggest looking it up. It has its own Wiki. Basically, he’s a naive, headstrong teen who meets dozens of Disney characters and prevents the universe as they know it from descending into chaos

This doesn't even cover the philosophical and metaphysical components of the universe,

This doesn’t even cover the philosophical and metaphysical components of the universe,

A few traits of Sora’s are important to know. Firstly, he can glide through the air after being sprinkled with Tinkerbell’s fairy-dust. Secondly, he can use magic, but more on that later. Thirdly, he can perform a variety of special attacks that can dish out a lot more damage than normal. Lastly, by harnessing the power of Donald and/or Goofy and his magic clothes given to him by the Good Fairies from Sleeping Beauty he can go into different Drive Forms: Valor (granting him two Keyblades), Wisdom (he skates along the ground and shoots magic missiles from his Keyblade), Master (a combination of Valor and Wisdom), and Final (the most powerful of all the forms). See? This is just basic gameplay stuff and already it’s confusing!

Aang is the avatar, master of all four elements and the bridge between the physical and spirit worlds. He hails from the Southern Air Temple where he was raised as an Air Nomad. At the age of 12, he was informed by the monks of the Air Temple that he was indeed the Avatar. This frightened him, so he ran off with his giant flying bison and accidentally froze the two of them in an iceberg. 100 years passed, during which the Fire Nation attacked and enslaved about half of the world and committed genocide on the Air Nomads. Aang was released from his icy cocoon by Katara, a water-bender, and Sokka, the comedic relief of the series. In about a year, he learned how to bend all four elements (air, water, earth, fire) and defeated the Fire Lord at his most powerful. Aren’t you just so happy I chose these two as the combatants? Aang, despite all this heavy stuff happening to him, faces the world with the blind optimism of a puppy. As an air nomad, Aang’s fighting style includes a lot of agile moves, quick attacks, and acrobatics. This style has gotten him through many fights with opponents bigger and stronger than he.

Pictured: How NOT to use your agility and acrobatics while fighting Andre the Giant

Pictured: How NOT to use your agility and acrobatics while fighting Andre the Giant

Aang, as avatar, knows the disciplines of all four elemental bending, meaning he can use wind, water, fire, and earth to fight (but more on that later). What is especially significant about being the avatar is that it allows Aang to activate something known as the “Avatar State,” his powers become much stronger and he can harness the powers of past avatars in this state as well. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that he can access the thoughts, council, and memories of previous avatars? Well he can. Google Help can suck it.


Ok, so now is the “later” part from, “but more on that later,” I shall start with Sora. Sora wields the Keyblade, a legendary weapon that has the power to unlock or lock the “Hearts of Worlds” or Keyholes. But physically, it is not much more than a metal club. At roughly three feet long, it is a rather small and light weapon, as evidenced on how Sora normally uses it. For anyone still wondering what a Keyblade looks like, picture a big old fashioned key and then you’ll have pictured the Keyblade. Or you could ignore that last sentence and look at the top of this post at Sora, who is holding the Keyblade. Sora, aside from being an excellent Key-weilder, is also proficient in the use of magic. This magic includes four main elements: thunder, ice, fire, and cure. It also includes some more complicated spells such as wind, gravity, time, and reflect. The first three mentioned are all used for attacking. Cure is obviously used to cure himself. Wind reduces damage while reflect does what the name implies; reflect projectiles. Gravity can bring enemies in the air earthward and time can slow and sometimes stop opponents in their tracks.

Aang’s weapon of choice is his air-glider staff. Normally it looks like a simple wooden staff, but when activated, it sprouts wings and allows Aang to hang on and glide on the wind with the help of air bending. The four elements, as mentioned earlier, are air, water, earth, and fire. Air bending is what comes most naturally to Aang and he uses it the most often. Although it isn’t a very offensive form of bending, it has its uses. It aids Aang move faster than a usual person and can blow people off their feet. Water bending requires that water be nearby. Water bending also allows Aang to control ice, one of the most powerful attacks of a water bender. Water bending is mainly used as a cutting tool and is based on the idea of using your opponents’ attack against themselves. Earth bending is perhaps the simplest. It is, essentially, throwing rocks with magic at very high speeds. It is the most powerful form of bending and requires large powerful movements in order to properly bend.

Pictured: an embarrassment and shame on your whole family

Pictured: an embarrassment and shame on your whole family

(Note: it does not take a choreographed dance to make a medium-sized rock float lazily across the road) Fire-bending is definitely the most offensive form of bending. Almost as simple as earth bending, it is essentially throwing fireballs at other people. Aang knows the more traditional Sun-warrior form but seeing as Sora doesn’t know any earth-bending forms, I think he’ll be all right.



  • Keyblade
  • Magic. Lots of Magic
  • Different Drive Forms
  • Ability to glide
  • Special attacks


  • Glider-Staff
  • Agile and acrobatic
  • All four forms of bending
  • Avatar State

So here’s how I think it would go:

Sora would arrive on whatever Aang’s world is called (probably Earth) and starts poking around the Air Temple looking for the Keyhole. In his meanderings, he disrupts the harmony of the temple or he breaks something. Whatever he does, it angers a nearby meditating Aang who jumps to his feet and rushes to meet the intruder. Sora prepares to take a swing as Aang comes running like the wind at him. Sora misses. Aang turns around and air bends at Sora, knocking him off his feet. Sora gets up and fires some fire magic at Aang before jumping up and gliding toward his opponent. Aang redirects the fireball and shoots Sora out of the air. Sora lands hard and Aang comes over to check on him (it is against his nature to kill someone). Sora just looks unconscious so Aang thinks that the deed is done and sets off. Sora mumbles “curaga” and feels instantly rejuvenated. He runs towards Aang, Keyblade held aloft. Aang here’s him coming and starts running. Sora quickly casts a “stop” spell and Aang slows to a crawl Sora is able to catch up to him and land an attack before Aang can get away. The two engage in some close quarter combat and it is clear that Sora is the better fighter. Aang sees only one way out of this. He blasts Sora with some more air bending and sends him shooting across the way. Aang then uses earth-bending to trap Sora in a box of rock. Sora has one last trick up his sleeve and changes into Final Form, blasting apart the rock box. He rushes at Aang, but before he can get there, Aang’s eyes glow and he levitates off the ground. He has entered the Avatar State. He pulls elements around him like a magnet, and before Sora can stop himself he runs into this impenetrable wall of nature and is thrown backward, bruised and beaten. Aang double-checks that he’s alive, puts him in another rock-box and goes to drink some herbal tea before deciding what to do with the spiky-haired weirdo holding the giant key.



Yep. That should do it.

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  1. I love reading your post every week. You have such an enjoyable writing style and sense of humor that you could make a math book enjoyable. Cool that Aang won, but I still am upset about the atrocity that was the Last Airbender Movie.

  2. I love how you changed it up and did two anime character this week especially since one is from a video game and one from television. I’ve never played kingdom hearts but watched Avatar all the way through. I agree with your analysis, since Aang is able to go into the Avatar state he becomes basically a god and is unbeatable. No question that Aang would be the winner.

  3. I love this blog. I used to watch The Avatar religiously as a kid. I like your humor throughout your writing; it offers a sense of relief when your readers get kind of confused. I also like how you take two completely unrelated characters from two completely unrelated stories, and connect them. It’s hard to imagine these two characters in the same environment, but your blog makes it easy.

  4. I feel lame repeating “Dude, your blog is so cool” but dude, your blog is so cool. You’ve got the perfect balance of nerd, funny, and internet memes/gifs. There’s a surprising amount of information in there as well, though it doesn’t feel too heavy. I’m happy Aang won, I miss that show…

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