Paper 3 Draft 1

Ignorance and apathy are common themes among the general population nowadays. But really, who knows and who cares? In the Onion’s recent article, “Ukrainian-Russian Tensions Dividing U.S. Citizens Along Ignorant, Apathetic Lines,” they achieve humor by satirizing the situation. In using a very real current world event that does actually split opinionated citizens down a political line and changing the opinions to ignorant and apathetic, they make a bold and humorous statement about the state of Americans’ political and current event views. This statement is derived from the commonplace (among the rest of the world) that Americans are stupid and lazy. They also make use of hyperbole in order to make the situation seem comically extreme. Lastly, they appeal to their audience, namely the more intellectual and/or college crowd, by “speaking the language” of these two groups of people.

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1 thought on “Paper 3 Draft 1

  1. 1. Where does the writer introduce and summarize the arguments he or she will rebut? Share ideas on arrangement and effectiveness.
    The introduction introduces the background and some of the arguments.
    2 . What is the common ground or concession(s) this writer offers? Offer suggestions for improvement.
    a common ground that americans are stupid and lazy. there were no suggestions.
    3. Comment on the effectiveness of the line(s) of argument. Offer at least two suggestions to strengthen the argument.
    There weren’t any lines of argument because there is only an introduction.
    4. How does the writer’s outside sources enhance his or her position? Make some suggestions for additional resources.
    The only outside source that I could tell is the onion, I suggest finding a source to back up your arguments.
    5. Comment on what is successful about the paper and make three overall suggestions for improvement.
    The paper is not complete so I don’t know how to suggest improvement.

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