Personal Stake

General education is very important to me at the moment. I am currently between majors– meaning I certainly know what I stopped doing but have no idea what I’m doing next. I really like the General Education for the whole “general” part. If there is something that I think looks really interesting and could maybe get me started on a new major, then sign me up! The exploration aspect of it is just one of those things that I personally really enjoy about the whole college experience, because my high school did not offer as many opportunities to expand my academic pursuits.

The other thing that I personally value about the Gen. Ed. program once again derives from the “general” part. I really like the idea that I am learning about something that could be completely unrelated to my major and yet still be important to know later on down the line. For instance, as an architecture major, all my required classes where primarily about architecture: studio, visual communications (drawing, really), architectural engineering, and architectural history. Being an architect is not just about being able to tell what kind of column that is and how to draw it. Architects do not just build for kicks; they are hired. So they have to know how to properly deal with people, and not only that but also try to make a good deal with people. Also, buildings are not free, so some money management courses would be incredibly useful. That’s what I see General Education as: a way to find subjects that interest me, but also to fill in any gaps that are necessary to have when holding a job.

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