Gen Ed Deliberation 1

  • Is it like you get to explore more gen eds
  • Give time to determine majors, well rounded, better decisions
  • Most like the model we have now
  • More options?
  • Emphasize more diverse
  • Definitely more helpful for gen eds
  • This is how it should be, introduce to more fields that you could be interested in
  • You could like science, and then take a really weird class and fall in love with it
    • Take a writing class and become a science-writer
  • If there were more, you can find out sooner
  • Gen eds be what the students want to make em
  • Themes=bad?
  • Connect with people in other fields
  • Consequences:
    • Doesn’t make sense for less coherent
    • Doesn’t make sense for future jobs
      • Focusing on one subject is actually bad
  • Get more clubs formed
  • College doesn’t focus on creativity skills and that makes people boring
  • People assume that everyone wants to take the creative classes so they force the skills on us
    • Can’t take creative
  • Math and science should be harder
    • Lots of stuff to learn
  • English is skill based
  • Focus more on the content and less on the grade
  • How to make English harder?
    • Harder tests
    • More content
  • Why exactly are they telling us to fail?
  • If they’re gonna make gen eds harder than core classes need to be easier
  • If a college had a low general gpa then no one would go there
  • In this class you can write what you want
  • Diverse gen eds increase faculty
    • Also may make alumni want to teach here
      • Though that doesn’t happen all that much
    • May make tuition higher
  • Happy is stuck in my head. Thanks.
  • Bring in more students—with more diverse gen eds
  • Themes? Nah, man
    • It’s like declaring another major
    • Most people don’t even know what major they’re doing
  • Gen eds right now are like, awesome now
  • If you want to do that theme thing, then go ahead and do it, but if you don’t, then don’t goddammit
  • Gen eds are just sort of filler right now
  • They’re trying to make them more active in education
  • The structure could drive people crazy
    • Cornell has a huge structure and also the highest suicide rate
  • Everyone do heroin, acid. Gen eds!
    • Definite correlation
  • Cats.
  • Pet gen ed
  • Chimps are not humans

Personal Stake

General education is very important to me at the moment. I am currently between majors– meaning I certainly know what I stopped doing but have no idea what I’m doing next. I really like the General Education for the whole “general” part. If there is something that I think looks really interesting and could maybe get me started on a new major, then sign me up! The exploration aspect of it is just one of those things that I personally really enjoy about the whole college experience, because my high school did not offer as many opportunities to expand my academic pursuits.

The other thing that I personally value about the Gen. Ed. program once again derives from the “general” part. I really like the idea that I am learning about something that could be completely unrelated to my major and yet still be important to know later on down the line. For instance, as an architecture major, all my required classes where primarily about architecture: studio, visual communications (drawing, really), architectural engineering, and architectural history. Being an architect is not just about being able to tell what kind of column that is and how to draw it. Architects do not just build for kicks; they are hired. So they have to know how to properly deal with people, and not only that but also try to make a good deal with people. Also, buildings are not free, so some money management courses would be incredibly useful. That’s what I see General Education as: a way to find subjects that interest me, but also to fill in any gaps that are necessary to have when holding a job.

Snow Day Fun

  1. I prefer the “Eminem and Chrysler”‘s introduction paragraph. It is much more concise than the other two paragraphs. Normally, I enjoy a verbose style, as it’s my preferred writing style, but this paragraph was descriptive and clear with its points. Lastly, the way it presented its commonplaces was very clear and understandable.
  2. I quite like the organization of “Olympic Mom” mainly because it starts with generalizations and then narrows down the focus. The first body paragraph is an explanation of a common theme that everyone knows. It even has the word “universal” in the first sentence.
  3. I would have to say that “Olympic Mom” captured my interest the most. Mainly it was the style that piqued my interest. I just enjoyed reading the words that were put in front of me because it was written in a very casual and friendly style.
  4. In this Dodge Durango commercial, of all places, legendary fictional anchorman Ron Burgundy acts as spokesman for “last of the real SUVs.” The commercial plays upon other car commercials using a similar format as well as incorporating a beloved character into their ad.
  5. By having Ron Burgundy as their spokesman, Dodge parodies other car commercials in order to impress the audience with how very nice the Dodge Durango really is.

In order to really sell the Dodge Durango, Dodge presents an advertisement featuring everyone’s favorite mustached anchorman, Ron Burgundy, to play on other car commercial formulas to show the appeal of the Dodge Durango.