Paper 4 Draft

It’s not so much a draft as it is an outline, but here it–whatever it may be– is.


Why Option 2 is just a bad idea:

Why Option 3 is an okay idea:

Why Option 1 is essentially the current gen. ed. program:

Paragraph explaining that the current gen. ed. program is fine as it is:


Recommendation Report

For all the brouhaha of the general education reform, I have staunchly held my opinion that the program does not need reform. However, that does not seem to be the case, so I believe that if there was to be reform, it should strive to be as similar to the original as possible. The first option proposed, that focusing on exploration, is the most promising. To me, Gen Ed has always been about just that: exploration.

The ideal reform, in my opinion is one in which a student can choose which courses interest him or her. The students will want to take the course because they are genuinely interested in it. This course will enhance their knowledge on the topic and broaden horizons. This is especially important for students in the DUS program because they don’t know exactly what they want to do and an open general education model will help them explore their possibilities. Gen Ed should enable students to increase their knowledge in interesting fields and make them more interesting people.

Introduction Paragraph Revision

In order to be an Olympic athlete, a tremendous amount of hard work, time and energy has to be invested. This work ethic is similar to that of the hardest job in the world; being a mom. Proctor and Gamble’s “Olympic Mom” commercial draws upon this well-known fact in order to portray how important a mother’s job is. The commercial utilizes the virtues and emotions related to moms to influence the audience to purchase these products.

Passion Blog Ideas

Two ideas. One guy. My job here is done.

First Blog Idea: We live in a world where nerd culture is on the rise. Many people belong to the different “Fandoms” of today’s pop culture. It’s gone beyond Trekkies versus Ringers. Any sort of fantastical or science fictional story now has armies of devoted fans who would go to war with each other just to prove that their swashbuckling hero is far superior to those other people’s brooding one. What I intend to do is to put these theories to the test. Take two characters of different universes and genres, research them, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, decide who would win in some sort of fight, and then present this information in a humorous fashion.

Second Blog Idea: I love board games. When it comes to them, I’ve got a Monopoly. It’s a pity that so few people play them anymore, it’s not like it’s Taboo. So, I’m taking a Risk. It’s a careful Operation, but hey, that’s Life. Still don’t know what I’m gonna do? Need a Clue? Guess Who is going to review board games? Me! Yes, I’ll do that and offer good Stratego- er strategies on how to win. It may be a Trivial Pursuit, but if my strategies are as good as my puns, then it’ll be CandyLand.