RCL Paradigm Shift Paper and Ted Talk

For some reason, the paradigm shift paper really got me thinking. Unfortunately, after trying to pick a topic right after my Passion blog post, I automatically shifted to food.

My first paradigm shift idea was the shift from a fast food nation to the nation’s more current health craze. Even McDonalds has joined the crowds by trying to put healthier options on the menu (or make more options appear to be healthier).  I would be claiming that the recent health craze in the United States has helped to revolutionize the fast food industry and has bought an increase in healthy eating. Some of the sources I could use to back up this work are the movie Supersize Me and the book Fast Food Nation. There have also been numerous FDA stipulations put into place in the recent years. Along with those sources, investigating fast food restaurants and their “healthier” menus would only prove my thesis that fast food companies are attempting to re-advertise to better fit public mentality.

My next paradigm shift was a little trickier to come up with. Because I have always found the outsourcing of American jobs fascinating, I wanted to investigate that. My paradigm shift would be based on the shift from US made products to jobs being given to overseas corporations (outsourcing). I think I would focus on the positives and negatives and how this paradigm shift is affecting culture and product quality in other countries and within the United States. I could use multiple articles to back up my research, as well as polls and consumer reports focused on outsourcing.

Did you know that 36% of your life is spent on sleep? Neither did I.  When I saw the Ted Talk “Why Do We Sleep” pop up on my Ted.com page, I was intrigued. One of the first things I noticed that I wanted to include in my presentation was props and sound effects. A brain prop was used as well as the sound of the alarm clock. Finally, instead of boring words on a power point slides, pictures were used! I want to use color on my slides! I think both of my paradigm shift topics would be good for TED talks. I could use props and plenty of pictures to describe both! The speaker did use a paper with notes, and obviously I would be doing my presentation without. I think this will allow for more hand motions, however, and a better overall presentation.


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