RCL: Statis

Whew. Holy confusing RCL blog topic. Although stasis confused me, it made infinitely more sense when the reading compared it to being essentially an issue.  Not only can stasis help us to really narrow down the issue of our paradigm shift paper and TED talk by focusing on specifics, but I believe that finding the stasis in our TED talk/paper can help us determine when exactly the paradigm shift occurred and what people think it has evolved into. Knowing when the paradigm shift occurred is crucial to our paper/TED talk because without it, we may not have enough information to back up out idea. By using stasis to determine all the arguments for and against our paradigm paper, we can also better contradict the opposing side and better enforce our ideal of a paradigm shift!  Having proofs to back up your stasis (thus backing up your paradigm shift) is also crucial. Without the correct evidence, we will be delivering completely ineffective TED talks after all.  Although long and dry, the reading about stasis provided us with 4 logical steps to take in order to correctly determine our stasis. By using the step system, we will be able to thoroughly research our topics and make it more specifically tailored and focused around our issue.

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