The (very very) Rough Draft

Is It Farm Fresh?

Thesis: With a significant rise in the knowledge surrounding the “shady” fast food industry and the rise in obesity awareness, the American population as a whole has made an incredible switch from easy, fattening food, to an obsession with farm fresh, organic products.

I. Fast food take over

A. History

B. Why

II. Breaking the barrior

  1. Exposing the Industry
    1. Fast Food Nation
    2. Food Inc.
  2. Obesity increase

III. Healthy food craze

  1. Fad diets
  2. Marketing

IV. Organic Industry take off

  1. Industry Popularization
  2. Sustainability



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2 thoughts on “The (very very) Rough Draft

  1. This is a really interesting topic and I think you are just the kind of person that should be covering it. I agree with Allie you should put Portlandia pictures in your ted talk to keep it fun and interesting. I agree with your thesis 100% and I am curious to see how you go forth in proving it. Keep up the good work!

  2. This looks great! It reminds me of all of the Portlandia clips on organic and farm-fresh food 🙂 I like your current organization of the paper. It makes perfect sense to start with the history, then move into the shift itself and the various aspects of the shift. Your sources look good, too!

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