TED talk Media

Picture this: Someone begins a presentation with a Big Mac and an organic veggie presentation. Sounds intriguing right? I am thinking about starting my TED talk off just like that. By referencing the fast and organic food in front of me, I think that I can catch the audience’s interest and provide a visual representation (and probably smell) of what my presentation is about. I really liked the example TED talk showed with an instruction of someone using a phone. It really made the audience focus on his presentation and really helped them relate it to their daily lives. I think that my having the food in front of me in a visual representation, it will also have a similar affect.

I was unsure about using video clips in our presentation, but obviously the movie “Super-size me” has some great clips (all of you remember him puking out of the car window after only a few weeks of eating McDonalds). However, I think the time limit for the presentation is already short enough that I might want to simply stick to the usual TED talk theme of using photos. I plan on using photos that show just why the public fell out of love with fast food. For example, the photo sequence of a big mac over the period of several weeks created a stir when it was originally published. The public finally SAW and didn’t just HEAR how many chemical preservatives were really incorporated into fast food.

I know that I might have a blank slide or two when I am describing a shift, and I know that I will absolutely be using some graphs or statistics to support my paradigm shift. However, I think the transitions from topic to topic will go fairly smoothly.

Also a confession on my part; this week was absolutely jammed packed full of tests so THIS WEEKEND IS WORK ON TED TALK WEEKEND! That is all.


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