TED Talk Reflection

Everyone take a deep breath. The TED talks are done. If everyone was as nervous as I was for that darn little talk, the fact that we are all done is probably a huge relief. Whew! Looking back, however, it was an absolute blast. I was originally freaking out about the “memorization” aspect.  After watching both my group and the group before us give their talks, and hypothesizing that the next two groups did just as well, I firmly believe that we all aced that assignment!!

I really liked the talks that involved a quote from memory. It was especially memorable if the person did not look back at the screen once and completely recited it from memory. If I could add one crucial element to my speech, I would add that. It really showed preparation on the speaker’s part!

One aspect that I thought could be improved upon was the little glances back to the screen projector behind us. I know, on my part, the little glances back were more of a nervous tick than out of actual necessity. I knew what was going to be on the slide, but for some reason, I just had to glance back and confirm that the next picture was actually next. Quite a few people did that in our class. However, if that is the worst thing I can think of that happened, we all did pretty spectacularly as a group!

On a final note, I was really impressed with the wide range of topics that we all thought of to depict a paradigm shift! There were presentations from super heroes, to Priuses, to tattoos! Fascinating!

I would like to applaud everyone for their amazing presentations. Good luck with the paper writing (that will probably be done over break), and I hope everyone has a wonderful and fantastic Thanksgiving!

1 thought on “TED Talk Reflection

  1. I thought your TED talk was extremely well rehearsed and full of so much interesting information! You were clearly extremely passionate about your topic, and while you seemed confident, it did not look like at all that you had memorized the materials, but rather told yourself you knew your topic and based your TED talk off of that knowledge. Our topics were actually similar, and as a result it was refreshing to hear another persons perspective on the same topic. I loved listening to it and I thought you did a really good job. Happy Thanksgiving, I’m happy to know that you found a ride home finally!

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