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Obviously as many of you probably know, I am as obsessed, if not more so, with crossfit as I am with healthy eating. I mean, healthy eating is also a crucial part in crossfit. However, it is a difficult sport to understand, and I am sure that background knowledge would help of you to either understand the sport or maybe become interested enough even to try it! Crossfit has many sport sensitive words (WOD, BBJ, PJ, AMRAP, EMOM etc…) that would probably be beneficial to know for any crossfit beginner. It would probably also be helpful to know the success of the theory behind crossfit, what some of the workouts are like and what the competitive side of the sport really looks like (for those of you that have never googled Rich Froning I would really recommend it).

As for my civic issue blog, this blog was harder for me to determine. Last summer, as my mother and I sat in the airport waiting for a flight to go visit my Grandmother, she handed me an article in the New Yoker. The article discussed the rape of a 13 year old unconscious girl in a small, football obsessed town. As the defendants were popular football players, no measures were taken punish the boys at all. Instead, scrutiny was placed on the young female and many people actually said that the girl’s provocative nature and dress made it seem that “she was asking for it.”  After video footage and photos appeared on social media of three boys dragging the unconscious girl into a house, chargers were later brought. I was horrified after reading the article and would really like to delve deeper into the thought process of some people that think that provocative mannerisms and clothing make rape more of a woman’s fault than the man’s. Obviously, there are more than five cases in the United States that showcase these mannerisms, but I would like to specifically research five different cases and examine them separately. Analyzing the consequences and conclusion of each case.

I can’t wait to continue to read everyone’s blogs this semester!

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