Thoughts on Higher Education

For me, higher education was not a given. I really had no idea that I wanted to go to college until junior year of high school. I was under the impression that in order to go to college, I had to have a clear view/idea of what I wanted to study and do with the rest of my life. Clearly, I have no idea whatsoever even after one semester at Penn State.  It wasn’t until I started doing research into the college of liberal arts that I really began to understand the idea of getting a more broad and generalized higher education that does not simply focus on the math and sciences (that high school primarily focused on).  In my opinion, college is clearly not for everyone as there are some people who studying and doing homework does not appeal to.  Colleges should not lower standards for people who really do not want to be there and should have moved to the work force after achieving a high school diploma.  For other, however, it is an investment in the future that will hopefully serve as a guide in determining exactly what field to join.  In regards to education after college, I have no real plan or idea what I am going to do. I think that will primarily depend on my college experience and what major I finally decide to pick.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Higher Education

  1. I totally agree with you, that college is a rather stressful experience. I really still don’t know where I’m headed yet either, and I really feel pressured to decide. Hopefully, throughout the rest of my time here, I will feel confident that my education has facilitated my place in the real world, and good luck finding your perfect career!!

  2. I agree that college can be a very confusing concept and time for many people, such as yourself. We are given this impression that college sets you up for your future career and it’s scary going into it not knowing what you want that career to be. But I do feel that by the end pretty much everyone gets it figured out. I do believe that the current system does an effective job of helping students figure out what they want to do.

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