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Overview (explaining the options)


Do you think that higher education is meant to teach values?

–          Should schools teach values or should life teach values?

–          Many kids do not have structured home so it could be a good thing. (but not this is right/wrong)

–          Higher education’s sole purpose should NOT be to teach values

–          Philosophy and Ethics classes should be mandatory (situations and how’d you deal with them)

–          Forces people to think what is right and wrong without the teacher really being the deciding factor (AKA IT SHOULD BE A CLASS DISCUSSION)

–          Currently a combination of parents and school that teach value and ethic

–          Teaching ethics is almost more important in college because the students are about to go to the job market where nothing is really black and white.

–          More discussions in class (major specific) about what is ethical and non-ethical


Value system to fix a divided country?

–          Polarized values rather than about ethics

–          Divided country is very non correct and no country could ever be perfect

–          Just because it is on the code of conduct does not mean that it is going to be followed bu the general populous

In education still having values being taught. What values?

–          Being there for people around rather than always focusing on the individual

–          Honesty (parents teaching and just to stay true to morals rather than being taught in college)

–          Teachers want to make you want to say no to cheating

–          Many schools have an “honor code” and there is mutual respect between the teacher and the student

–          Penn state is TOO BIG for that honor code

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