Let the Games Begin


I know that I have mentioned the Crossfit Games several times in various blog posts.  I, personally, signed up to compete in the Games last Thursday (the last day of registration). To the average, non-crossfit athlete, the Games appear to be a single ESPN featured event once a year. The amount of work and preparation that goes into the Games, however, is astounding. Because this is my first year competing in the Games, I am a newbie.  I know very little behind the entire process and the rules.  Due to my lack of knowledge, I decided to do a little research so that everyone could better understand the 2014 Crossfit Games.

The most important information regarding the Crossfit games is that there are three stages: the Crossfit Open, Crossfit Regionals and the Crossfit Open.  The entire process is meant to essentially weed out weaker athletes (like myself) that have no business competing on a nationally televised ESPN event.

This year quite a few people from the Crossfit Club here on campus signed up to compete in the Open. Registration was $20 and the first workout (WOD) was posted last Thursday. Everyone has approximately one week to complete the WOD and report their highest score on the crossfit site.  To ensure no cheating will occur, all WODs are required to be video-taped and each competitor will have a judge that will watch them to make sure all repetitions are completed.  There are several different Open WODs over the course of several weeks. At the end of the process, the top 45 men and women and teams will advance to the Crossfit regional competition. Because it is only my first time competing my expectations this year are not high.  However, I am hoping that next year I could potentially advance to regionals on a team.

The first week Crossfit Open WOD was a “goodie.” It was 14.1. A WOD that (thank goodness) involves no heavy lifting or gymnastics skills.


10 min AMRAP of

15 Snatches @ 55 lbs

30 Double Unders

I was very pleased with how I did in the workout, but was also extremely exhausted. Before competing in the WOD I was very hungry.  Of course one of the only things I had to eat in my room was a pint of Ben and Jerry’s icecream and so I (stupidly) decided to eat it. I finished in 7 minutes (and icecream eating PR) and then proceeded to vomit up said pint of icecream after I finished my workout. Moral of the story? NEVER EVER EAT ICECREAM BEFORE COMPLETING A CROSSFIT OPEN WORKOUT. I am redoing the workout again today to see if I can better my score before the submissions are due tonight.

5 thoughts on “Let the Games Begin

  1. Wow Shannon that’s awesome! Cross fit sounds like so much fun and so intense. I look up to you so much for your dedication to it! The fact that there was a competition is even cooler. You should be so proud of yourself for all your hard work and how much it has paid off! Next time I’m dying after a mile on the treadmill I’ll think of you to push myself to keep going lol. Love your posts!

  2. This sounds crazy! I’ve never done Crossfit, but I know so many people who love it. It’s really cool how involved you are with it. I workout a lot too and I can understand your passion for this. Good luck with it all.

  3. Ah!! That’s so amazing! Congrats! I know one of my good friends is also a crossfit fanatic, and he and his family sit around the living room to watch the crossfit games. Even though I’ve never watched the crossfit games before, I think I will this year just to see what it’s like and what type of workouts it involves. I don’t know if I could ever do such a thing so I give you so much props for this! Good Luck!!!!

  4. That is crazy, but also amazing that you are participating in that! Just to be involved in something like that is great and I’m sure you’ll do great too! It’s very cool to think that PSU students are participating in a such a big event. I give you so much credit for being so committed to this and doing so much with crossfit. It’s definitely not an easy thing to do, I know I never could. GOOD LUCK!

  5. Shannon, you are absolutely insane. I love reading about this stuff because this is so out of my league, I could never dream of doing something as intense or as rigorous as this sounds. Then again, maybe I should try and start working out this hard so that I can eat like you do!! Not in a bad way, but you have no idea how much I would kill to eat three bowls of ice cream and three doughnuts in one day. Nonetheless, I love training and working out and I love reading things from people that share the same passion in being healthy as I do. Keep going girly, you’re looking great and amazing every day!

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