The Ultramarathon of…Eating?

For those of you who don’t know, on the 9th of November I will be attempting my very first long run. By long run, I mean 50K (so roughly about 34 miles.) RosaryvilleLogo1WOOHOO. Have I ever done a marathon? Nope. I sort of skipped over that step. Unfortunately, my brothers and I seem to have all received the “obsession” trait from one of my parents. Once we get fixated on something, we just don’t let it go. I became fixated with running an ultra-marathon, and now I won’t rest until I have at least attempted one! Unfortunately, when running any ultra-marathon, the running is one of the easiest parts. The training and food planning are a completely different story. For the last 2 months I have been training for a long race (although I was not sure how long), so I feel semi-prepared. Unfortunately, when it comes to the nutrition side of running an ultra, I am completely and totally clueless.  According to our race guide, we have aid stations about every 4 miles that include water, Gatorade, potatoes, granola bars, bananas, figs, gummy bears, pretzels and cookies. Trust me, when I read it I thought it was the weirdest assortment of food ever. I know that while running I will be needing to replenish my store of electrolytes and carbs, and it was also recommended that I run with a backpack to replenish my water supply constantly. Quite honestly, the food aspect of this thing is scaring me more than the actual mileage. So, for any of you that may someday be attempting to run a marathon (or an ultra), I have researched and compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you!

  1. For the first 4 hours of running, a runner can usually supply on a steady stream of gels and other simple carbs to keep from completely collapsing. Not surprisingly, after about 4 hours, the body will require a more complex form of carb like granola bars, potatoes or cookies.Chewy-ChocChip-Detail_sflb_
  2. In regards to hydration, I will need to be drinking about 14-16 oz of water per hours. Of course, with the awesome cold weather I am bound to have, I will probably be sweating less. The amount of water required also depends on the pace you are trying to keep.blue_wave_of_water-wide
  3. Many ultra-runners like to drink coffee in an attempt to keep their energy levels up. Coffee, however, dehydrates the body and needs to be balanced with a steady intake of other fluids (like water).
  4. After finishing the race (assuming I finish of course) replenishing my body with protein for recovery will be key!



After doing all of my research, I really realized what a newbie I am at long races. Apparently I should have had an eating plan for the last 2 months. Opps. Too late now! Hopefully, through sheer will power I will be able to focus and complete the entire course! Make sure everyone is extra nice on November 11, as I will be a very tired girl.

Kairos: September 11, 2001

After debating about several instances of kairos being used at an opportune moment, I thought a perfect example was the terrorist attack of the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001. In conjunction with the bombings, US patriotism sored. The United States used one of the most devastating times in our nation’s history to band together and to show national pride. People also decided to take a more forward approach to being civic and a good citizen. Flags were displayed from windows. Blood donations for the Red Cross soared throughout the country, and there was an increase in appreciation for local service men and women. President Bush and his administration, however, also used this national pride to fuel the invasion of Iraq as well as to revamp the United States security system with little to no checks and balances standing in their way. untitled

Using the fear of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations that had developed after the attacks, President Bush urged for an increase in the United States defensive department. With the backing of the majority of the American public, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created. New laws, however, were also put into place without the majority approval that allowed for sweeping surveillance of American citizens. I find it fascinating that these surveillance systems are just now being widely criticized with infringing on privacy rights after being in place for years. surv1It goes to show that the surveillance measures could only be put into place because of kairos (the opportune time) and would certainly not have been approved now with current public opinion.  By using the timing, Bush’s administration was able to convince the American public of the necessity of both the DHS and sweeping surveillance security.

Similar events can be seen for the United States invasion of Iraq. By blaming Iraq for the trade tower attacks (although there was actually little to no correlation between the attacks and Hussein’s government), the Bush administration was able to use American patriotism and need for revenge to find support for an invasion of Iraq. A process that should have involved hundreds of debates and intelligence sessions was rushed through and approved without fact checking.







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