It’s What I Do – Prompt III


Addario’s strongest writing tool is her use of suspense and cliffhangers.  I would love to integrate her use of suspense into my own writing.  Her situation as a conflict photographer puts her into the perfect position to use such a versatile writing tool.  In the last lines of part two of her memoir, Addario explains to her audience, “every time I photographed a story like the injured soldiers coming out of Fallujah, I ended up in tears and emotionally fragile.  Every time I returned home, I felt more strongly about the need to continue going back,” (Addario 134).  By divulging this information to us as the last lines of this chapter, Addario encourages us to keep reading in order to find out what happens each time she goes back and also hones her raw emotions to express how difficult these times were.  This effectively evokes pathos in her readership.

When I write my passion blog about my love for travelling and trying new things, I plan to try to incorporate the same kind of suspense that Addario mastered in her memoir.  Being completely honest, I’m not sure how I would go about doing that yet given the topic of my content versus the topic of her content, but I think it is definitely something to consider further.  Perhaps I’ll plan out my blog posts in advance and allude to what the next week’s post will be about at the very end of each story.  Something that I picked up from Addario that I definitely plan on using in my blog, however, is pathos.  Adding emotion to any piece of writing instantly makes it more interesting, more personal and more stimulating for readers.  All throughout her memoir, I appreciated the emotion that she put into important scenes and I plan to do the same with each of my blog posts.


One thought on “It’s What I Do – Prompt III

  1. Allison White

    I went and read your first passion blog post to see how you could incorporate traveling and trying new things. Honestly, everything you do this year is most likely going to be a first. You could explore your different options for studying abroad or even traveling off campus to new places. There’s tons to work with for that! I really like how you structured this prompt. It flowed really well. Have you thought about how you’re going to add pathos yet? It would be cool to include stories of things that happen directly to you or things that you witness that would play with your readers emotions. Great job and I hope to keep up with your passion blog!
    Allison White

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