It’s What I Do – Prompt 4


One passage in Part III that showcases Addario’s feelings of conflict is when she begins to discuss her feelings of guilt that came with doing her job.  The part when she says “I was so conflicted about making money from images of people who were so desperate, but I thought of all the years I had struggled to make ends meet to be a photographer, and I knew that any money I made would be invested right back into my work” (146) proves that she often felt conflicted.  She continues to touch on this feeling of conflict in order to broaden the idea and make it relatable for her audience, which really utilizes pathos to call upon the readers’ emotions.


Even if you aren’t a conflict photographer, you’ll still have conflicts.  This became heavily apparent to me when I began the college process.  Some schools’ campuses caught my attention, while other schools had communications programs that were nationally ranked and some schools just felt right when I visited them.  I, being someone who generally likes everything and rarely sees any problems, had a very hard time trying to pick a college.


Whereas many of my friends grew very picky when they visited schools, I had exactly the opposite problem.  I liked almost every school I went to.  Because of this habit, I had to learn to be more critical when I was visiting colleges.  This caused a huge conflict for me because I would force myself to analyze the school in my head so much that I could hardly even take in the campus around me while I was taking the tour.  Luckily for me, I was able to resolve my conflict before the May 1st deadline and chose to attend Penn State.


In my passion blog, I cover the conflict of choosing to try new things rather than staying inside my comfort zone.  This conflict resonates strongly with me and has become the premise of my entire blog.  In the same way that Addario battles her conflicted feelings of guilt versus her duty to capture photographs, I battle the boundaries of my comfort zone with each new experience I document for my blog.

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