It’s What I Do – Prompt V


I’m a journalism major so this is rarely the case for me, but in Addario’s memoir, It’s What I Do, the pictures truly were the best part.  Each image carries an array of emotions in a way that very few photographers are able to capture.  For me, one photograph that really stood out was the image of two soldiers supporting their wounded comrade during Operation Rock Avalanche in the Korengal Valley in October of 2007.  The wounded soldier is covered in blood from his waist down and has his arm in a sling and, judging by his state in the image, he must rely on his companions in order to move at all.  What really stuck out to me in this image was the theme of companionship and loyalty.  This image also did a stellar job of encapsulating the horrors of the war zone.

The second image that caught my eye was one of Iraqis watching a 3-D movie in Baghdad in 2010.  It felt so strange to see this mundane activity, going to a movie theater to see the latest films, being done during such a tumultuous and tragic time.  These people were right in the midst of all of the violence and should be fearing for their lives, but instead they decided to take a night out to go to the movies.  This image really bridges the gap between Americans and Iraqis and makes it easier to empathize with them and their situation because, after all, they’re just like us.

Although I already incorporate some images in my blog, I want to start introducing more pictures in my posts in order to take full advantage of the platform.  I also think it would be really cool to find a way to introduce a video into one of my blog posts so that is something I will definitely be keeping in mind for the future.

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