Paradigm Shift Essay Draft


Paradigm shift: Morals and Values

Thesis: By analyzing the generations that have come before us and what we, as a generation, hold highly today, it becomes evident that our morals and values now are a lot different than those of our grandparents.  This shift in values has caused our behaviors to change in ways that reflect these changing morals.


You can see the shift in morals in many different aspects:

  1. Relationships
    1. Grandparents – got into courtships in the hopess that they would lead to marriage.
    2. Us – date for fun most of the time
  1. Shift towards technology
    1. Grandparents – Do not highly value or utilize technology
    2. Us – use technology in our daily lives
  1. Shift away from religion
    1. Grandparents – often very religious, all my grandparents all go to church every Sunday
    2. Us – less likely to be religious, I do not go to church very often

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