Preparing for Deliberation


My group’s deliberation “WE ARE… Free to Speak: Or Are We?” focuses on freedom of speech and its limitations on college campuses. Our first approach focuses on the negatives of free speech, which would include heckling in front of the HUB and safe spaces. Our second approach covers the positives of free speech like diversity and inclusion and our third approach covers PSU policies like the Willard Preacher, policies from Eric Barron and other colleges’ policies.



My role is on the outreach team, which for me pertains to creating and sending out invitations to organizations and keeping track of which organizations answer.

On top of these personal tasks, my mini-team will work together on the post-deliberation questionnaire, formatting post-deliberation reports and sending them to policy makers.

Currently, I’m creating and sending visually engaging and personalized emails to the list of organizations I put together earlier that I think would enjoy our deliberation. I will send these emails two weeks in advance of the deliberation and then send a second email one week in advance to anyone who didn’t respond to the first email.

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