Persuasive Essay Draft


Fake news is a legitimate issue for both readers and newspaper organizations

Split essay into two distinct parts: 1.) effect on media (minimizes political check) and 2.) effect on readers (spread on social media)

1.) Effect on the media – minimizes ability to serve as a check on the government

If Trump keeps deeming all news outlets as unreliable, then he is effectively planting a seed of doubt in the minds of American citizens on the news’ ability to report factually.

By doing this, Trump makes it easier for the government to get away with potentially taboo behaviors because, even when the news reports on it, citizens may not view the story as real.

President Donald Trump cites all news sources who do not paint him in a flattering light as fake news.

These aggressive and constant tweets all fall under two categories: fair accusations of inaccurate news articles and disapproval of legitimate news sources.

Calling out an article for its inaccuracies is extremely necessary, but giving that same label to perfectly sound news articles is detrimental to that article and the news organization as a whole.

For example, calling out news sources for reporting fake news that is actually just articles with a liberal slant, hurts the news organization.

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