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Mentor and Mentee Program

The Mentor and Mentee Program

The Entrepreneurial Mentors Program was created for students in the Sheetz Fellows Program. This program seeks to accomplish the following: 

Benefits for Mentee

  • Provides mentee with successful entrepreneurial role models

  • Develops a special one-to-one supportive relationship

  • Encourages¬† the development of attitudes that result in entrepreneurial success, such as persistence, focus, calculated risk taking, salesmanship, and ethical practices

  • Provides a context for mentee to discuss and see the real-world application of concepts taught in the classroom

Benefits for Mentor

  • Provides the mentor with exposure to the concerns and perspectives of bright young mentee(s)

  • Enables the mentor to have an impact on the lives of young men and women by assisting in their personal and professional development

  • Assists the mentor in identifying high caliber prospective employees

Get In Contact

Donna J. Bon, Executive Director of the Sheetz Center

202D Sheetz Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence

1309 11th Avenue
Altoona, PA 16601