The Sheetz Fellows

About the Program

The Sheetz Fellows are students who have a spirit and drive that go beyond the standards. They look to lead and inspire with the actions they do through constant community involvement and improvement. The Sheetz Fellows are offered diverse and impactful experiences that are designed to better equip them for the real world.  Learn more about the Sheetz Fellows below.


The Sheetz Fellows Program is full of ways to help the student learn, grow, and develop their skills over time. The program offers experiences and knowledge that go beyond the classroom, enabling The Sheetz Fellows to be some of the best at what they do! 


Experiences and Mentoring Provided by Steve Sheetz:

Transformative academic development in the Business/Entrepreneurship program tradition is the hallmark benefit of the program: Fellows will graduate with in-depth academic credentials in at least two fields; develop ethical principles and leadership ability; and gain the ability to think critically, do independent research, communicate effectively, and demonstrate global and intercultural awareness. While all Business program students gain such an education at Penn State, Fellows achieve an education of special ambition, depth, and distinction.

Financial Support for Enrichment Activities: 

Sheetz Fellows will receive a one-time scholarship not to exceed $3,000 from the Sheetz Endowment Fund toward meeting their research, study abroad, and internship aspirations; and build a portfolio of experiences that will influence employers, professional schools, and graduate schools. These are the types of experiences that prepare students for leadership and that students and alumni describe as the most defining and unforgettable moments in their college careers.

Special Advising: 

A small advisory board of up to six members (comprised of Steve Sheetz or designee, the Director of the Sheetz Fellow Program, the Division Head of Business and Engineering, the Program Coordinator for Business, and one select faculty), in conjunction with the Business/Entrepreneurship program, will provide advising to Sheetz Fellows; ensure that students are meeting expectations in a timely way; administer applications for enrichment funds; and work with programs, Centers, and other university agencies to locate and create academic and co-curricular opportunities for students.

Participation in a Special Academic Community: 

Fellows will have opportunities to participate in special seminars and presentations by visiting lecturers, business activities, off-campus expeditions, even social events that promote group identity and a sense of esprit de corps.

Specific Responsibilities of the Fellows:

  • Maintain at least a 3.25 in major GPA: This expected GPA, reflects the consistent academic excellence to which Fellows must aspire.
  • Complete a concentration in Entrepreneurship or an Entrepreneurship minor: Fellows are expected to have a passion for entrepreneurship so their achievements must include knowledge in the entrepreneurship field of study.
  • Complete a study abroad experience AND a credit-bearing internship or research initiatives.
  • Complete an ethics course: Fellows are expected to develop strong ethical principles. (Note that students with academic integrity violations typically will be disqualified from the Fellows Program.) See a list of possible courses below.
  • Complete 80 hours of servant leadership: Fellows are expected to give back to their community, whether this is in the Penn State Altoona community or the global community. 

Get In Contact

Donna J. Bon, Executive Director of the Sheetz Center

202D Sheetz Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence

1309 11th Avenue
Altoona, PA 16601

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