Student Showcase

Fall 2019 Student Showcase

Friday, December 13, 2019
8:45 a.m.–2:30 p.m.
Devorris Downtown Center, 1431 – 12th Avenue | Altoona, PA

1:30 – 3:30 p.m.
Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology Project Demonstrations
Force Advanced Technology Center, Ivyside Campus


Time Event

Dr. Jungwoo Ryoo
Head of the Division of Business, Engineering, and Information Sciences and Technology
Penn State Altoona


Mr. Joel Hollander
President and CEO
Altoona Pipe and Steel Supply Company

9:00 Presentations
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10:20 Break
10:40 Presentations
Noon Networking Lunch
A networking lunch provided for students, business leaders, community members, faculty, and guests
12:40 Announcement of Pechter Business Plan Competition Results
1:00 Business Internship Poster Presentation
Penn Building, Floor 3

Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology Project Demonstrations
Ralph and Helen Force Advanced Technology Center, Ivyside campus

Please feel free to move between presentations.

Senior EMET Project Presentations

Devorris Building, Auditorium

Time Event
9:00 Marc Bollman, Quinlan Helm, Brian Sheddy, Jacob Thomas, Cyrus Trego, and Ivan Zvorsky
Sign Trimming
A machine which incorporates a bandsaw and a sliding table to cut various sized pieces of polycarbonate with ease.
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
9:20 Jonathan Carper, Anthony Shank, and Tyler Wiley
U V Testing Machine
The purpose on the machine is to test samples of painted sheet materials, polycarbonate sheets, digitally printed sheet materials, wire and electrical components under UV lamps to test how the sample will wear in the sun.
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
9:40 Dylan Blauch, Alexander Diehm, and Logan Koser
Golf Ball Washer
The golf ball washer project is a project that was designed and created to solve many of the issues witnessed firsthand by the current golf ball washers used in the industry. This project aims to solve issues such as operator fatigue due to loading as well as increase the quality of the end product. Overall this project will decrease the strain caused on an operator by current washers at driving ranges.
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
10:00 Jason Dolansky, Taylor Leach, Chad Miller, Stan Pinchuk, and Bradley Vitt
The Independence
Controls for a powered wheel chair that will allow the user to drive the chair remotely.
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
10:20 BREAK
10:40 Andrew Cruz, Brandon Heisey, Sarah Ismail, and Eui Kim
Coffee Dryer
Coffee grounds can be used for many things after the coffee is made. Composting for the
garden, extracting oils for fuel and pelletizing for fuel. The project consists of designing and fabricating a machine for drying the coffee grounds.
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
11:00 Andrew Garrett, Anderson Guvengue, Mitch Rhinehart, and Robert Whiteman
Coffee Screen
Rotating Drum Assembly to remove debris from grinds before processing.
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
11:20 Michael Cunningham and Zachary Johnston
Baja SAE Front Suspension and Steering Subsystem
Design and fabrication of the front suspension and steering assembly on an off-road vehicle for competition in the SAE Collegiate Design Series.
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
11:40 Damon Mort, Ajay Reddy, and Kai Saunders
Drivetrain Design and Tuning
Data acquisition of an off-road vehicle towards tunability and efficiency.
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
12:40 David Davis, Trenton Fortney, Ryan Freeman, Curt Messner, and Aaron Rhymestine
Media Blaster Analyzer
Collect and analyze steel shot media used in sandblasting to ensure the proper ratio is used to maintain the desired surface texture on rail cars prior to painting.
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
1:00 David Davis, Trenton Fortney, Ryan Freeman, Curt Messner, and Aaron Rhymestine
Bear Paw
Bear Paw is an abrasive hand soap tailored towards hard working individuals. It is currently made by hand, our project consists of automating the entire manufacturing process including the chemical dispensing and mixing.
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
1:20 Jordan Crist, Morgan Litzinger, and Lucas Nunamaker
Diffusion Flame Burner
Design and fabrication of an experimental non-premixed flame burner to determine the effect of gaseous flow parameters on the stability of methane/oxygen combustion.
Advisor: Dr. Grant Risha and Dr. Jeffrey Moore
1:40 Colt Byers, Matthew Kennedy, and Robert Williams
An automated Trebuchet that will launch items with a press of a button and will also reset
itself back into a throwing position.
Advisor: Mr. Ed Sell
2:30 Project Demonstrations
Ralph and Helen Force Advanced Technology Center, Ivyside campus

Security and Risk Analysis Internship / Capstone Project Presentations

Devorris Building, Classroom 1

Time Event
9:00 Ryan Pipetti, Caleb Thompson, Nicholas Andrews, Nicholas Cooper, and Lamjed Zahrouni
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan for Altoona Family Services, Inc.
Students have developed a business continuity and disaster recovery plan for
Altoona Family Services, Inc.
Advisor: Dr. Syed Rizvi
9:20 Jacob Lidwell, Charles Kovalchik, Steven Palmucci, William Cramer, and Jalen Archie
Database for Altoona Food Bank
Students have developed a database with an efficient report printing for Altoona Food Bank.
Advisor: Dr. Syed Rizvi
9:40 Sean Harrity, Gabrielle Heidler, Andrew McIntire, Matthew Stoltz, and Nicholas Deluca
Implementation of Uses Cases of IoT using Cloud Platform Technologies
Students have investigated several uses cases of IoT and their implementation using
cloud platform technologies.
Advisor: Dr. Syed Rizvi
10:00 Dennis Smith
Network Security and Machine Learning
This project researches using Tensorflow artificial intelligence systems in conjunction with the Python programming language to identify and respond to malicious network attacks.
Advisor: Mr. David Barnes

Rail Transportation Engineering Presentation

Penn Building, Classroom 321

Time Event
10:00–11:30 Benjamin Cerino, Nicholas Delpidio, Malcolm Johnson, Garek Strouse, 
and William Zdinak
RTE TRAINS LAB Model Simulator
Advisor: Mr. Steve Dillen

Pechter Business Plan Competition Presentations

Devorris Building, Classroom 3
Coordinator: Mr. Paul Cooney

Time Event
11:00 Jason Dolansky, Taylor Leach, Chad Miller, Stanislav Pinchuk, and Bradley Vitt
The Independence
The Independence is a remote control function module for power wheelchairs. The product will bypass the usual control functions that exist in a power wheelchair, allowing users to wirelessly control the motion of the chair.
11:20 Matt Pettinato and Andrew Brandt
“WithU App (One Click, LLC)”
The WithU App is a mobile campus safety app for college students that provides a direct connection between the user and the Campus Police.

Sigma Beta Delta Induction

Penn Building, Classroom 324

Time Event

Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society Induction
Sigma Beta Delta is a Business Honor Society. Eligibility for Sigma Beta Delta is offered to those students in the top 20% of the undergraduate business program and who reflect the society’s high standards of academic excellence. Please join us as we recognize our students’ academic achievement.


  • Kelsey Alwine
  • Katherine Christoff
  • Ashley Conte
  • Catcher Ray Cumming
  • Makala Doyle
  • Taylor Gontis
  • Heather Kephart
  • Sara Ritchey
  • Blayz Shartzer
  • Stephanie Watt
  • Tanner Yaw

Sigma Beta Delta Executive Committee

  • President
    Dr. William Engelbret
  • Vice-President
    Dr. Xuebing Yang
  • Secretary/Treasurer
    Ms. Deborah Hommer
  • Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
    Ms. Melissa Kohler

YEA! Young Entrepreneurs’ Academy Tradeshow

Heritage Discovery Center
11:45 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.
Advisor: YEA! Program

Hunter Heaton
PAk is a backpack that is created for everyone. The business creates a backpack that allows you to purchase it and be ready to go hiking as soon as it arrives. With the backpack you can simply grab it and then you are ready to go. The backpack will also be equipped with a guide that explains what to do and what all is inside the backpack. This will allow a family with no experience to have the opportunity to experience the incredible outdoors.

Jeffrey Guo
Officially.Hyped’s main goal is to acquire and satisfy consumers that accessorize with high end clothing or streetwear. Officially.Hyped is mostly targeted towards teenagers to age 30 and whoever is interested in high end streetwear.

John Fiore and Kolton Mcghee
Pressure Pals
Brief description: This will be a small privately-owned local business in Altoona, PA. The business will be owned and operated by Kolton Mcghee and John Fiore. Our main service is power washing for residential and commercial properties. Additional services could be included as our company expands.

Josh Snowden
OrigSD provides logos, website designs, app designs, illustrations, animations, 3D design, editing of photos and videos, and advertisement creation. This business will be operated on the internet, through email and by phone to communicate with the customers. We will market to small business owners who do not know where to start when setting up a platform for customers to explore his/her product or service.

Caden Conaway
I Don’t Play Sports
I Don’t Play Sports (IDPS) is a community created for those who create. Primarily generating this image as a clothing company, IDPS aims to bring recognition and appreciation to the large community of creative people that seem to skim by unnoticed. IDPS is a sole proprietorship. The company’s CEO, Caden Conaway, has been a part of his school’s music program since 6th grade, and has recently been signed to the record label “What If Records” for his creative spin on classic R&B music. Being an artist himself, Caden noticed the abundance of other incredibly talented creators, and how unrecognized, and underappreciated they were. This sparked the social movement that is currently IDPS.

Elizabeth Fogle
Corduroy Blue
Corduroy Blue is an online clothing retailer. Corduroy Blue was set up to have unique, one of a kind pieces of clothing with the luxury of purchasing in the comfort of your own bed. It was made to be a trustworthy website to buy and sell used clothing. Furthermore, the buyer will not feel the guilt of not giving back, because Corduroy Blue gives a portion of the gross sales to local and worldwide charities. The company is run, owned, and operated by one person, Elizabeth Fogle.

Graham Black
Blister Slips
My business is all about giving a new way to prevent blisters instead of taking blisters away when you already receive them. Blister Slips will work better than the bandage, where it will not rub off from your foot or shoe. I am a student-athlete from Altoona, PA who wants to aid people in getting through the “breaking-in” process of shoes and boots. I am creating blister slips, which will eliminate the development of blisters through the breaking in process.

Abraham Onkst
Onkst Art
Onkst Art is a sole proprietorship owned by artist Abraham Onkst that is passionate about creating and selling fine art, clothing, home decor, and more. Abraham Onkst, the owner, started creating artwork in 2013, and has been expanding ever since. Onkst Art is based in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania and does most sales through e-commerce.

Edith Manfred
Edith Noble Design
Edith Noble Design is a small business that sells customizable scarves and is run by fashionista, blogger, and YouTuber Edith Manfred. We have always been interested in fashion design, and have had a love for typography, so making a custom scarf for our business is a perfect combination of those interests. The scarf is customized because the customer can email us an image they would like on their scarf of their vacation or pet, for example.

Ben Eckard and Mitch Barton
Bored Games
Bored Games is a quick and easy way to occupy time by playing entertaining games. Since Junior High, we have found ourselves with a plethora of down time with nothing to do. During this time, we have come up with countless games that can be played in as short or as long amount of time the user wishes, require less than 5 steps to play, and without any setup required.

Michael Montecalvo
Monte’s Window Washing Company
Monte’s Window Washing Company is a service industry. I will be providing window washing services to residential homes. Windows will be cleaned both inside and out and customers will be given the choice of getting their screens cleaned as well. I will also include add-on services. These additional cleaning services will be interior/exterior fans or lighting fixtures, recessed ceiling lights, light bulb changing or any other high cleaning areas where either cleaning professionals or individual homeowners do not feel comfortable getting to. I will offer a differential element to promote my service. I will clean car windows for one vehicle per customer that secures my services at no charge.

Olivia DiPangrazio
Cookies & Cream Confections
Cookies & Cream Confections is a company based around transforming basic sandwich cookies into extravagant truffles. The mission of Cookies & Cream Confections is to provide customers with a delicious, creative, simple truffle that makes them want to come back for more delicious treats. The signature product will be our cookies and cream truffle. The CEO of the company is Olivia DiPangrazio. She fell in love with baking at the age of 13 and has always loved sweet treats. She decided to combine these two passions and create Cookies & Cream Confections.

Saxton Smith
Okoway makes lifelike lures that are specifically designed to target a certain species of fish within our local region of Pennsylvania. Our objective is focused on perfecting the lures to maximize efficiency as well as manufacturing, packaging, selling, and distributing our products. Due to the uniqueness of our lure, fishermen will be drawn to it because it will have a higher probability of catching fish in this area than competitors.

Business Internship and Research Poster Presentations

Penn Building, Floor 3
1:00–2:00 p.m.
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Cynthia Wood

Kaitlin Cassaday
Crown Cork & Seal
Kaitlin arranged sample requests and did a basic market analysis and segmentation. She also assisted with the on-boarding process of Coca-Cola by organizing data and creating presentations.

Vincent DeFazio 
Vincent managed a golf putting fundraiser to raise money for two of ArtsAltoona’s initiatives, including the renovation of their downtown studio arts center and their after-school arts program. He managed the four different teams that it took to run the event effectively which included the Marketing, Sponsorship, Logistics & Sustainability, and Volunteers/Recruitment teams.

Keon Diggs
Billionaire Diggs
Keon created a unique brand logo that gave his business a distinct image. Keon also created a social media campaign to help grow his company’s social media presence. With the creation of his company website, Keon now has an efficient distribution system for his consumers.

Regina Edwards
Fiore Fideli Snyder Caruthers, LLP
Regina compiled planning files, supported audit field work, prepared audit workpapers, and drafted preliminary financial statements. In addition, Regina drafted tax returns for review.

Scott Glenn
Elevate Altoona
Elevate Altoona is a project-based community engagement organization, which plans to elevate the city of Altoona through self-sustaining project from which surplus funds will be donated to other community efforts.  Advisor:  Mr. Jeff Barr

Joey Hernandez, Marcella Kishlock, and Makayla Plants
Developing a Sustainable Business Model and Resource Optimization Plan for Hogar de Andrea, Guayaramerin, Bolivia
The research team traveled to northeastern Bolivia to assess the management and financials of a small scale farm/dairy/garden operation.  The goal of the research was to develop sustainable business practices that maximize current resources at Hogar de Andrea.

Richard Herbert III
Roaring Spring Community Library
Rick created and composed a comprehensive marketing plan to promote the Roaring Spring Community Library. Additionally, he also aided the library in their social media posts to drive the reach and click/actions of the posts. He also promoted and aided in their fundraisers, including A Novel Affair, which is the library’s largest fundraiser every year.

Kyrstin Johnson
Doing Better Business
Kyrstin compiled a list of potential contacts in the local communities utilizing local Chamber of Commerce information and research of local businesses. She then created an email campaign in order to create leads and appointments for the sales team.

Joe Morales
Keller Williams Realty
Joe developed organic social media strategies, cold calling techniques, and mapped out the sales process for in-person appointments. Organic social media growth is broken down into what are called the pillars of content for Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram. He also detailed the road to the sale and explained cold techniques necessary for the success in the business. Metrics for the internship are impressions, reach, actions taken by users, the number of new followers, and the number of appointments.

Tanner Musser
Cypher & Cypher
As an accounting intern, Tanner prepared individual tax returns in compliance with current tax laws and regulations.

Cristina Ortiz
New Pig Corporation
Cristina researched and assessed overpayments among New Pig Corporation’s customers in order to resolve unapplied customer payment detail. She analyzed trends in the overpayments and identified and recommended process improvements. Cristina had the opportunity to gain exposure to a variety of important duties within the Accounting department.

Rosina Rockwell
Jacquie’s Title Group
Rosina conducted research to improve the firm’s social media marketing and business. Specifically, her responsibilities encompassed the following: performing analytics on the social media and company website, studying social media trends, improving the company website, studying competitors’ social media channels and websites, interviewing competitors’, interviewing past customers and recommending changes based on research.

Elizabeth Sawtelle
The AfterGlow Sun Spa
Elizabeth analyzed inventory, helped manage the spa, and assisted in marketing the business to the public. She also did research to incorporate other services that went along with the spa.

Ben Shetler
Ben’s internship focused on identifying the competitors in the consumer water clean-up market. He inventoried competitors both in store and online. He prepared a market competitive analysis to analyze the different products that New Pig competes with. He also developed and analyzed a survey to assess the needs of the consumer market in this area.

Heidi Walls
Genesis Acquisitions
Heidi conducted business to consumer sales of DirecTV and NRG energy. She evaluated the current providers of the consumers, assessed their needs, developed appropriate solutions to their needs, and made recommendations of appropriate products/services. Throughout the internship, Heidi developed her negotiation and personal selling skills.

Nicole Watt
Okonak, Dean, & Lechner P.C.
Nicole assisted with basic tax and audit services for clients, with a focus on getting exposure to all sides of the firm’s operations.

Jessica Wertz
Catholic Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown
Jessica helped plan and assemble the 2019 Catholic Ministries Drive fundraising campaign by researching and constructing articles about the fourteen ministries that were included in the bulletins of the 87 parishes of the diocese and other forms of media. She also helped construct a new quarterly magazine that is sent out to all of the families within the diocese.

Greg Bayles and Hunter Lewis
The Ethics Academy
Greg and Hunter worked collaboratively with Mr. Steve Betza, Founder of The Ethics Academy, to research ethical case studies for the student workshops he leads.  By carefully examining the ethical dilemmas and success stories of real businesses, much can be learned by future leaders.  In addition, the team examined the likely impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on two types of service businesses and the corresponding ethical issues that may arise in coming years.
Advisor: Ms. Donna Bon

Sheetz Fellows – Junior Class Project
Advisor: Ms. Donna Bon

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Fair Winners Presentations

Misciagna Family Center for Performing Arts, Ivyside campus
2:30 p.m.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Laura Rotunno

Winners and their presentations to be announced.

Get In Contact

Donna J. Bon, Executive Director of the Sheetz Center

202D Sheetz Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence

1309 11th Avenue
Altoona, PA 16601

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