Scrumptious Tidbits from Comics Past and Present: Steve Rogers the Indiehead


steve rogers radiohead

From Captain America: Man Out of Time #5, written by Mark Waid and drawn by Jorge Molina (2011)

Man Out of Time came out to coincide with The First Avenger hitting theaters. It’s a beautiful tale that serves as an origin story and tribute to the good captain. It focuses on Steve getting caught up to speed with American and world history that took place between getting frozen in ice and thawed out in Avengers #4. The five issue miniseries easily ranks up there as one of the best Cap stories ever told. On this page we see Steve Rogers trying out some modern music with Radiohead’s Kid A. I’ve included the album (via Spotify) below so that you can listen to a classic album alongside Captain America.

And here is an Amazon link to delve into the story yourself

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