2016 SICA Resources

Links to resources discussed at SICA

iBook resources

Bookry to access widgets for iBook

Lynda.com: tech videos The link directs you to teacher tools, though you can access other Lynda content on the menu

The Center for the Study of Public Domain comic book, available for free digital download or hard copy for purchase


Content sparked from Olivia Gude’s presentation

Olivia Gude’s presentation “Trace: Experimental Drawing Experiencing the Force of a Curriculum Assemblage”


Assessment Resources

Pocket Guide to Simple Art Assessments. Retrieved online: www.theartofed.com

Formative and Summative Assessment

Doug Boughton (2013). Assessment of Performance in the Visual Arts: What, How and Why?

Lois Hetlands’ Eight Studio Habits: http://www.everyarteverychild.org/assessment/studiohabits.html

Northwest Evaluation Association: https://www.nwea.org/blog/2015/formative-

Donna Kay Beattie, Assessment in Art Education




Art Exhibitions on Campus

Palmer Museum of Art

Exhibitions at the HUB / Student Center

Penn State Museums and Galleries


Prime Time: Assessment

Chopped videos

Iron Chef videos

Content from Pamela G. Taylor’s Presentation

Kehinde Wiley

Storyspace and Tinderbox hypertext software

eLastic Blog | A Site to Pull and Stretch What it Means to Learn and Know in Art and Education

Adrien Segal | Bridging the gap between science and art; water consumption statistics;


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