What is Silver Circle?

Silver Circle is an organization of Penn State students and other community members who follow or are interested in learning about Pagan spirituality. The group was formed in February 1994 to provide a meeting place for Pagans at Penn State and in the State College area. For more details, read this History of Silver Circle.

So what do we mean by ‘Pagan’?

Paganism (also called “Neo-Paganism” in its modern versions) is a set of nature-based spiritual paths that often, but not always, are polytheistic, and often, but not always, include the use of magic as a part of worship. We take inspiration from ancient belief systems, but also include elements relevant to the modern world and modern spiritual needs. One of our most important beliefs is that the natural world is a physical manifestation of deity; in other words, divinity is inherent in the world, not above or beyond it. Thus in our rituals and celebrations, as in our everyday lives, we honor the Earth and the cycles of nature, and the inherent worthiness of every person and living being. Most modern Pagans hold celebrations at the solstices and equinoxes, as well as the four “cross-quarter” days halfway between them. Many also celebrate the lunar cycle, gathering at full moon and perhaps at new moon. Paganism is a non-hierarchical and non-dogmatic belief system, so that everyone is considered equal and there is no one revealed “true way” to worship. This philosophy extends to other religions as well, so that we do not try to convert others; we consider all religions as valid to their adherents, so long as they do not preach at or try to convert us.

What does Silver Circle do?

The members of Silver Circle are interested in educating ourselves and others about Pagans and Paganism, dispelling stereotypes if necessary. We provide a safe and private community for Pagans to practice rituals and celebrations, and can provide references for anyone who wishes to learn more about Paganism. Finally, it is our goal that Pagans should be able to express their religious feelings openly without fear of discrimination or persecution. For a more detailed list of activities, please check our Activities page.