Wheel of the Year

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The Wheel of the Year is the annual cycle of the earth’s seasons as celebrated by many Pagans. The eight days present are known as Sabbats, on which rituals are appropriated for each day. Below is an explanation of each:

(pronounced “Sow” – “en”) Autumnal cross-quarter (approximately Nov 2), 3rd harvest holiday. Time when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is thinnest and of communion between the worlds. Some traditions hold Samhain as the start of the new year.
Winter solstice (approximately Dec 21), end of the darkening of the world, beginning of the return of light.
Winter cross-quarter (approximately Feb 2), a celebration of the return of light during the period of dark.
Vernal equinox (approximately March 22), a celebration of the birthing phase in the cycle in life. Common time for egg hunts.
Spring cross-quarter (approximately May 1), also known as “May Day.” A celebration of the matriculation of living things into early adulthood.
Summer solstice (approximately June 21). The peak of the return of light and the beginning of the return of the dark.
Summer cross-quarter (approximately August 2). The first harvest.
Autumnal equinox (approximately September 22). The second harvest.