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Internet Stars: Memes

This blog has officially reached its lowest point: meme stars. I did not want to have to resort to this, but coming up with more interesting topics has been a little difficult. Therefore, readers, you are in for a treat.

Although most would not want to admit it, I think a lot of us, including myself, secretly love meme humor. Memes always seem to encompass the cultural mindset of the time, and their prevalence and growth is really fascinating. They may not fall into the traditional idea of what it means to be an Internet star, but in the vast void of the Internet, I would argue that the people behind these memes are the real stars. Let’s walk down “meme”-ory lane and revisit some of our favorites from the past few years.

Bad-luck Brian: Poor guy has the worst luck of anyone on the Internet, but his misery was our humor. The guy behind the meme is actually named Kyle and this was his junior yearbook photo. He was a class clown in high school, and purposefully posed like this for the picture as a joke. One of his friends thought it was hilarious and uploaded it onto Reddit, but the name Bad Luck Kyle just didn’t have the same ring to it. Thus Bad-Luck Brian was born. Kyle has been able to make a few thousand dollars off the Bad Luck Brian merchandise over the years, and works as the project manager for his father’s construction company.

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College Freshman: This meme captured the clichés of the typical college freshman. I was in high school when the meme was popular and could only pretend to get the humor. Now with my first year almost coming to a close, however, I can confidently say the captions are all too real. The student was then University of New Hampshire freshman, Griffin Kiristy. He never wanted the picture to be taken in the first place, and was not too pleased with his internet fame.

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Overly Attached Girlfriend: If there is anything Justin Bieber produced that was useful to society it was the song “Girlfriend” since it gave birth to this hilarious meme. Laina Morris uploaded a rather creepy parody video to Bieber’s song, which skyrocketed her to fame. She is still relatively popular on YouTube and creates videos to help charities.

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Success Kid: Sammy achieved more fame at 11 months than I probably will ever in my life. Talk about success. His mother had posted the photo on flickr in 2007, but the image did not go viral until 2011. Since then, his images were sold to a few companies for advertisement, including Vitamin Water. Currently, he is off doing things that any normal 8 year old does.

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Side Eyeing Chloe: Chloe could care less about going to Disneyland. She became the Queen of Everything in a few weeks after a video of her parents announcing a surprise trip to Disneyland went viral. While her sister Lily was screaming at the top of her lungs when given the news, Chloe was judging her in the corner. Netizens took it upon themselves to photoshop her face into every aspect of pop culture. The results were rather beautiful.

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11 Responses to “Internet Stars: Memes”

  1. Megan Svensson

    MEME STARS ARE WHAT I LIVE FOR! They’re always there to brighten my day! Overly Attatched Girlfriend is my favorite. Loved reading this fun post!

  2. Tara Zhuoyue Peng

    hahaha this really made me laugh. I love reading memes. But whenever i don’t understand one, i get really frustrated because i feel like i’m intellectually incompetent. But anyway, this was a nice blog to read to end the week.

  3. cpb5196

    Memes are hilarious. It’s crazy how prevalent they have become on social media over the years. To be honest, I have never seen the college freshman meme before, but I can imagine how it has been used. I wouldn’t know what to do if a picture of mine became a meme. I’m not sure if I would be thrilled or annoyed.

  4. Lauren Pease

    I love memes so much! They are always just so funny and accurate. I loved reading this post, and rereading so many of them. The best part about them is how relatable they always are to their targeted audience!

  5. Amajuoritse Omatseye

    I haven’t had the best day so seeing these memes definitely put a smile on my face. My favorite definitely has to be Side Eyeing Chloe as I catch myself doing that to people all the time. Memes are so relatable and they definitely can make anyones day a little better.

  6. Maddie Taylor

    What do you mean, all-time low?? This post was hilarious! Perfect for a Friday afternoon. I like how you looked into who the people behind the meme actually are. I’ve always wondered about that. I’ve actually never seen the college freshman one, but the two memes you posted gave me a chuckle. Definitely very relatable.

  7. Hannah Taylor

    Memes are my favorite thing, ever! I mean I spent like 30 minutes looking at sloth memes when I was making my blog last night because apparently sloth memes are a thing. Thanks for the informational background on these memes. I honestly had no idea the successful baby was actually munching on some sand. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Casey Conner

    Some people may not want to admit it, but I will. I am a huge fan of meme humor. My favorite meme “type” is recreated scenes from either a movie or TV show. However, I appreciate all, specifically Bad Luck Brian. It was interesting to learn about the backstories to these memes too.

  9. Alexander Chan

    Pragya, this is a very fun blog post! One that I think is funny is Asian Dad. Bad luck brian is funny too and they actually located him in person. Plus, the ones you posted were so true. One thing I’m still confused about is where the crazy girlfriend meme came from.

  10. Anya Elise Swanson

    Memes are great! I thought I’d be sick of them by now but they still end up being really funny. Bad luck Brian I think is my favorite by far!

  11. Karam J. Salameh

    My favorite meme ever is overly manly man. I also enjoy successful black man. Loved this post!

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