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No Friend of Science

Hi! My name is Stephanie Skoller. I’m from northern New Jersey and I’m a sophomore. A few key things about me: I danced for 16 years and hope to continue again at some point, I absolutely love my dog (Niko, a labradoodle), I am extremely involved and passionate about THON (my sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, was one of the top two fundraisers in greek life last year), I obviously love Penn State (who wouldn’t?) and lastly, I have never been a science person. I always took the required courses that I had to, which unfortunately included classes like biology, and I managed to get by. I had a lot of great teachers, and I always tried extra hard, but science was still a constant struggle.

It was such a great feeling knowing that senior year of high school my science career would cease to exist – or so I thought. I always assumed that whatever major I chose, it would not include any science. Little did I know, that’s not really possible? So, once I realized that I would have to be taking two science courses in order to fulfill the requirements for Public Relations major, I decided that I would get it out of the way as soon as possible. So, here I am, taking this course and hoping for the best. I hear that this a science course from people not so into science, and as you probably know by now that is right up my alley. Judging from what I’ve seen so far, the course really does seems pretty manageable (even for someone like me).  A science class without the periodic table or labs seems like my best bet – and hopefully I’m right about that. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see!417909_10150645315681514_2106375128_n.jpeg

Initial Blog Post

What’s going on everybody, my name is Ted Worrell. I am a freshman from West Chester, Pennsylvania aka Dub C. Like most of you, I too do not like science! Weird right? I am currently in DUS and spent this previous summer here at UP and couldn’t have been happier. I am taking this course because on my ftcap my adviser was shocked there were still seats left in the class because of how popular it is! Plus I am forced to take a gen ed science. So I figured if I have to take a science why not a popular one at that. I am not planning to be a science major because most of the time science classes are not like this class and they’re dry and boring and teach things I have no interest in. Science just does not click like other subjects for me!


A little bit about my interests and what not, I love to play Frisbee and planned on trying to play club here. I usually spend my summers at the beach but PSU was just as nice!

Here is me and my new pup Charley

Me and Charley.jpg

My Name Is Evan

Hi there everyone! My name is Evan Cuneo and I am a freshman! My major is Telecommunications and I’m so excited to be here at Penn State. University Park was the first college campus I was ever on, my first official college visit, and the home of many great memories, so deciding to come Penn State was a no-brainer for me. I am from South Jersey, about thirty-fourty minutes from the Jersey Shore. I am the oldest of two, with a younger sister who is about to start her sophomore year of high school. I love movies, television, and music, and I recently started my own blog about those interests called EMC Entertainment! In high school, I acted and sang in my school’s musicals, landing three lead roles over my four years. Additionally, I served as Secretary of my class on Student Council for two years, and was involved with my school’s Chamber Choir, Show Choir, Italian Club, National Honor Society, Ambassador’s Club, and Friends of Rachel Club. I consider myself a very outgoing person and I plan on getting involved in a lot of clubs at Penn State.
Now, done to the nitty gritty. Why am I here in SC200? Well, yes, I do have to take a certain amount of science classes, but I was trying to find ones that seemed the most appealing to me and this one sounded kind of decent. No previously knowledge required? Different topics every class? Count me in! In high school, I made the mistake of struggling through AP Biology and AP Chemistry. While I did make it through the classes with good grades, I really didn’t enjoy the restless nights of studying, researching, and working on the same dumb problems. I never really loved science before, and those classes did no favors! After I finished my AP Chemistry final my junior year, I thought I was done with science classes forever. Alas, Penn State requires a certain amount of science credits to graduate, so here I am again. Still, these topics seem much more interesting than covalent bonding and different species of animalia (I’m not even sure these are actual topics, I’m just overexaggerating because that’s what I do when I don’t like something). I guess that explanation also answers the second question: Why am I not a science major? I really didn’t hate science before those classes, and even after, I still don’t really hate it. It’s interesting sometimes, and it’s responsible for a lot of the greatest discoveries in human history. It’s just not for me. That said, I have the utmost respect for science majors, because the dedication is ridiculous and it’s something I could never do.
Anyway, that’s my spiel about myself and this course. I’m actually really excited to start this blog and I think it’ll be a cool way to learn more about science outside the classroom, especially things we like. So I’ll probably be writing about science things related to movies, TV, or music…you know, if I can find cool topics about that. Feel free to talk to me in class, I know it’s a big awkward room, but I’m always open to making new friends and meeting new people. Hope you all have a good Labor Day weekend and I’ll see you in class on Tuesday!

First Blog

How’s it going? My name is Kevin Kim and I’m a freshman in DUS. Like many students in SC200 I have little-to-no interest in science and I didn’t do too well in science courses. I chose this class in order to fulfill my Gen-Ed requirements and it fit into my schedule perfectly. I was a little worried about taking this class due to my poor performance with science in the past but after the first session I am excited for this year. Although I had no interest in science in the past I think that the approach that Dr. Read has for this class will make it very interesting. I think that the topics listed in the syllabus are interesting and I look forward to funny and insightful debates in class. 

Besides that, I’m really excited to be here at Penn State and I can’t wait to see what these next 4 years have to offer for me. I hope that I can balance work and play evenly because after all, Penn State is one of the greatest party schools in the country. We are!
Me and my bros

Initial Blog Post

Hi! I’m Tal Zarmi and I’m from Stamford, Connecticut. I am taking Science 200 in order to learn about science in a different way. All throughout school I hated science. I hated memorizing facts that I never had to use and I hated having to be tested on things that didn’t have much relevance in my life. I think science 200 will be a good class for me because it relates science to things that I can actually relate to and care about. Instead of finding the mass of a certain chemical I can learn about how science helps with things I see everyday. I also needed a science class, so this seemed like a good one to take for someone who really doesn’t like science.

            I don’t want to be a science major because I don’t have any interest in science. I don’t enjoy learning about the human body, or about the periodic table, or about different units of measurement. It doesn’t interest me. I weirdly enough enjoy math and doing equations, but don’t like science at all.

This has no appeal to me.


…at all

Junior Year Freshman

Hi, it’s great to be here! My name is Cecelia Dunford and I’m a change- of- campus junior from Scranton, PA.

Scranton-PA.jpg-This is hopefully my last school (I’ve changed schools three times) and my major is print journalism with a minor in business.

-I’ve had an on camous and off campus map glued to my face since August 24th.

-Like most of you, I am literally afraid of chemistry and like to avoid science at all costs.

-It’s not that I don’t find science interesting, but when it came to being tested on in depth biology, chemistry, and other past science classes, it seemed like the tests were written in a foreign language.

-This class so far has been so different from anything I’ve been apart of as far as science classes go and that fills me with great relief.

-I am so excited to finally be at University Park, I’ve been waking up the past few days not being able to believe that I’m here and it’s all really happening!

-My dad is from New York City and half of my family still lives there and as a result I am from a big Giants and Yankees fan club/family.

-Also, my three brothers, dad, uncles, and grandfather have been devoted Notre Dame fans since I can remember, but I am definitely trying to break the mold and become a loyal PSU fan, even though it’s hard for me not to cry everytime I watch the movie Rudy.

-A few things I love and appreciate besides Penn State University is family, writing, running, movies (The Departed is a favorite), television (big reality tv addict), reading, and traveling.


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initial blog for SC200 :)

            Hello my name is Nicholas Marsico and I am a student in the Division of Undergraduate Studies: I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I am very excited for not only this class but also my college experience.




          I took this class because I wanted to keep an open mind on the principles of science and thought it would eventually change my perspective toward science and I can honestly say it already has just after two lectures from Professor Read.  But, to answer the question in regards to the homework assignment, I didn’t major in science because of my aversion toward mathematics. Throughout high school, I never liked to find definite solutions by utilizing quantitative applications, I loved to argue and write on abstract ideas that don’t require calculation but mental analysis. I feel like SC200 will allow me to expose myself to an unfamiliar subject but still be able to apply writing and thinking: in essence, scientific journalism.


            I’m not too sure yet what I want to definitely study in college so I am being as candid as possible. Music is my passion but careers in that field are highly competitive and I would need to rethink a lot of my plans: only time will tell. I look forward to taking this class and meeting my intellectual classmates. 

Meet Me

Hey! I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Alicia Racculia and I am a freshman in DUS, although I definitely want to major in something in The Smeal College of Business. I was here for summer session and am so excited to finally be on campus with all of the rest of the students this fall! I am from Pittsburgh, but Penn State has always been my favorite school so I knew I had to come here. Like most people enrolled in this class, science is not my thing. I was okay with biology, but my hatred for the subject set in when I was forced to take chemistry. I found it to be boring and did not understand when I would ever need to know any of the topics I was learning. Ironically, my step sister graduated with a degree in Biology from Penn State this past spring, but I definitely will not be following in her scientist footsteps.


So, when I was registering for my courses for this fall semester my advisor told me I would need to enroll in a natural science. This was disappointing for me, because I was hoping to be able to avoid this subject. When I came across this science course I felt that it would be broad enough to still keep my interest and now after looking at the syllabus I think I made the right decision. I know that I still will never be a scientist but at least this will fulfill my requirements.

First Blog Post

Hey guys! My name is Sean Murphy and I’m a freshman from Atlanta, Georgia. I am studying communications but I haven’t decided on what my exact major is. I am taking this class because I have heard that it is a fun and interesting course and it also fill a requirement for most communications majors. I am not majoring in science because, while I do not hate science, I would rather study other things besides science. I am a huge fan of all Atlanta sports teams, especially the Braves, who my favorite sports player ever, Chipper Jones, plays for. 

I look forward to having class with all of you guys this semester.

I’m the one with the dragon in my pants.

IMG_0106.PNGHi, hello! I am Eugene Kim, a freshman enrolled in DUS and SC200. I was the first one to submit this text, and now I deeply regret my decisions. I can only hope that it doesn’t escalate to some huge heated battle between dragon slayers and slayers of the former. Let’s be friends here. (No, seriously whoever keeps texting all that stuff, please stop).

I enrolled in SC200 because I suck at science. I can’t grasp my head around it, and how the theories of science works in the world. Numbers make a little more sense to me, but in relation to the world, I have no clue.
SC200, honestly, seemed to be an easy class, but now that I know I’m mistaken, I have found a new reason to continue this class. It seems to value critical thinking based on what I find enjoying, and that is just the kind of thing I like.
Hopefully, the science aspect of the course won’t be too bad (if anyone wants to help me work with me, that’d be great!). The topics look great, the future looks exciting, and I hope I can read some interesting stuff on this blog. Have a nice day!