What Does Science Have To Do With That?

Science and I used to get along in middle school, but like most camaraderies that reach high school, we grew apart.  I soon found myself hanging out with English books and Creative Writing papers.  I went from engaging in PJAS (Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science) in 7th and 8th grade to being editor of my school newspaper, the Leonid.  Now, I’ve found myself dual majoring in Public Relations and Secondary English Education, and after all, what does science have to do with that?  Basically, the only reason I’m here is to fulfill my Science Gen Eds.  

Cheer Nationals - Version 2.png
When I graduate from Penn State, I would love to be able to work for the Pittsburgh Steelers as a public relations specialist or maybe even go to law school and become an NFL agent. I am obsessed with football.  I love it so much, I want to be a part of it for my career.  However, if my unrealistic dream job doesn’t quite become reality, I’ll have a teaching degree for high school English, which was my favorite subject.   
In high school, some of my favorite times were standing underneath the Friday night lights and cheering for the football team.  In 2011, my squad went to Disney World for Nationals.  We took first in our division and celebrated by stunting illegally in the resort’s beach area.  
Cheerleading is an activity that I would also like to pursue here at Penn State, along with joining a sorority.  Despite my dislike for Science, I am excited for Science 200 considering it’s already unlike any other boring high school class.  

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