The Do’s and Don’ts of curing a hangover

     If you have a social life that involves drinking then you probably have wondered how to reduce hangovers. I have heard of many things and my roommate suggested to me to take Ibuprofen and it worked for me. I decided that this would be really cool to investigate what to do or not to do to prevent hangovers.       

Don’t Take– Tylenol 

1309431623-60.jpegTylenol can mess up your liver if ingested while intoxicated. The reason is that when your liver is busy metabolizing alcohol, it processes the painkiller differently than it otherwise would, resulting in toxic compounds that can cause liver inflammation and even permanent damage.

Do Take– Ibuprofens


Ibuprofens such as Advil will help with the hangover headaches especially if you take it an hour before you have to be where ever your going in the morning or you can just take it the night before. 

Don’tDrink a lot of caffeine


If you take multiple espresso shots thinking that it will make you feel better, you will probably end up feeling worst and further your dehydration. 

Do– Drink A beverage that has caffeine in it. 


While drinking excessive amounts of coffee or caffeinated energy drinks won’t do much to improve your drunken state, a single caffeinated beverage can help, particularly if you didn’t get enough sleep, by giving you an energy boost and improving mental alertness. Try black tea or one cup of good quality coffee and make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Don’tEat sausages and bacon

imgres-4.jpegWhile fatty foods will temporarily distract your stomach, you’re not really providing your body with the nutrients it craves after a night out of heavy drinking.

Do – Eat eggs


Eggs contain cysteine, a substance that can help break down acetaldehyde, a toxin associated with alcohol metabolism and hangovers.


Don’t – Eat before you go to bed

It’s a common myth that filling up before bed will “soak up” the alcohol in your stomach. Food has to already be in your digestive system to slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream, so make sure you fuel up before heading out. Pick food that has a lot of fat, like pizza or steak, that take a long time to digest are your best bet for preventing a hangover later on.

Do – Drink water before going to bed


Drinking alcohol causes dehydration, so you need to replenish fluids. If you don’t drink water, your body will take what it needs from your vital organs, including your brain, resulting in a throbbing headache the following morning.

Don’t – Exercise


Another myth is that working out will sweat out the alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that in large quantities, it causes you to lose water and become dehydrated. A major sweat session can result in more dehydration and is therefore not a good idea.

Do – Shower and relax


A shower will raise your temperature, prepping your body for sleep so you can bypass the most painful part of your day. On the flip side, a cold shower will make you feel more alert.


Hopes this helps! 

4 thoughts on “The Do’s and Don’ts of curing a hangover


    This was informative to me because everyone I know has always said not to take advil because it could damage your liver like tylenol. I researched further and you’re right! I guess I have been told wrong information this whole time. Acetaminophen (like tylenol) are the real problem because it causes tears in the stomach lining. Advil, motrin, and other aspirin or ibuprofen are okay! I did some more researched and found that out of all the cures you listed, drinking water is definitely the best thing to do because the main cure of a hangover is hydration! I know some people that still take tylenol because they either don’t care or don’t know how dangerous it is. People need to be educated on this stuff!


    I think that was a very good blogging topic, especially because we are all college students and most of us tend to drink alcohol. This is also a very helpful blog to most because the question of, “How can I cure my hangover,” comes up a lot. Although I feel like things can be different on this list based off of personal experiences it is generally correct. I’m also very glad that you put down do not eat before you go to bed because thinking about that then thinking about how many people you see at canyon every friday and saturday night is completely insane because it is really just hurting yourself by eating that pizza with throw-up as cheese.


    One of my best friends is a nursing major and she told me that the most important thing to do to avoid getting a hangover is to drink water the night before when you’re about to go to sleep. She mentioned that drinking alcohol throws off your body’s hydration cycle and that its necessary to replenish the fluids you lose when you’re intoxicated. Another thing that i’ve heard works wonders is coconut water! I’ve never personally tried it, but it’s been said that the high levels of electrolytes in coconut water do the trick to curing any hangover! The article I included is from Time Magazine.,9171,1990805,00.html


    Interesting! I’m glad that I usually do all the things that your blog says we are supposed to do. I shower, drink water and take Advil but I also do some of the dont’s like eat before I go to bed. I do, however, disagree about the thought that exercise does not help hangovers. In the movie “Rumor Has It” after a night of heavy drinking, Kevin Costner does yoga in the morning and says yoga and a long run is the best hangover cure but Jennifer Aniston disagrees and says she just wants coffee and Advil. Maybe there is no specific cure and that every one has a different way to make their own body feel better? For me, exercise always makes me feel better. Exercise wakes you up and releases endorphins. As long as you drink lots of water, I think exercise can make you feel better. This article seems to agree:

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