What REALLY caused Hurricane Sandy

Unless you are living under a rock or are way too into your studies to turn on a TV or go on the internet, you have heard of Hurricane Sandy (or Frankenstorm). Millions of people have been affected by this grand hurricane. Over 60 people in the Caribbean have died from it. The U.S. has suffered 18 deaths over 7 different states. Millions of people ranging from South Carolina all the way to Ohio are without power. New York and New Jersey were especially hit hard. People’s favorite vacation spots such as L.B.I. and the Jersey shore have been almost completely washed away. This has been devastating to those along the east coast.


So the obvious question comes to mind, “Why is there a massive hurricane in late October?” Researchers say that it is from an indirect cause of global warming. According to US News , “You can’t say [global warming] caused any single event, but when we start to see a trend like this, I think it shows that there’s a good chance these hurricanes wouldn’t be happening without warming,” said one of the report’s authors, Aslack Grinsted. “What I show is only correlation, but it’s purely consistent with the hypothesis that warming goes along with more frequent, large hurricanes.”

 Skeptics of global warming say that this can’t be true because there are numerous variables that go into creating such a grand storm and it is impossible to prove that global warming was the sole cause.

 According to the Huffington Post, they confidently tell their readers that global warming systematically caused the hurricane. Systematic causation basically means that it is indirectly caused. They say, “Global warming systemically caused the huge and ferocious Hurricane Sandy. And consequently, it systemically caused all the loss of life, material damage, and economic loss of Hurricane Sandy. Global warming heated the water of the Gulf and Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in greatly increased energy and water vapor in the air above the water. When that happens, extremely energetic and wet storms occur more frequently and ferociously. These systemic effects of global warming came together to produce the ferocity and magnitude of Hurricane Sandy.”

 Whether we believe that global warming was the cause of this devastating event or not, we can all agree that it has been a living night -mare for those who went through it. Continue to keep those affected in your prayers. 


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