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Green Tea vs Coffee: Which is healthier?

Green tea and coffee are two of my favorite things.  Recently however I have been starting to drink more green tea after learning how much healthier it can be for you.  Both drinks contain caffeine but green tea contains a slightly less amount of it. Both drinks also contain  antioxidants.  Antioxidants are the most healthy thing about both of these drinks, and a big reason why many drink them in the first place.  The purpose of antioxidants is to protect the healthy tissues in our bodies.  They act as our bodies very own police force, neutralizing all of the bad cells that roam throughout us; just as police would get rid of the bad guys in our society.  

Green tea is also very high in polyphenols. Polyphenols are very high in antioxidant levels.  Studies that have been completed on polyphenols have shown that they have anti-cancer and heart protecting effects.  In other studies that have been conducted on lab mice and human cells, tea has been shown to decrease risk for ovarian cancer, breast cancer and heart disease.  This in my opinion is a good reason for women to drink green tea over coffee, mainly due to the increased health benefits.  

In regards to coffee, researchers have studied that coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the average American diet.  Black tea is the second highest source of antioxidants in our diet, even though green tea is shown to be a lot healthier and even more jam packed with antioxidants.  Coffee has been shown to lower the risk of various types of cancers, Parkinson’s disease, type II diabetes as well as gout.  Coffee does have a relatively higher caffeine level than green tea, which makes the drink risker for those who suffer heart problems, or just don’t need the extra caffeine in their life.  

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I think coffee and green tea are both great.  According to my readings many articles suggest that when going to a drink like one of these, you should always aim to get the best quality product out there.  America tends to be more of a coffee culture, and many people take their coffee very seriously.  I happen to have a coffee/espresso machine and I love it.  It is part of my ritual every morning, and I would probably not be able to start my day without it.  Companies like Starbuck’s aim to satisfy our caffeine cravings, and they also have some green tea alternatives.  I wonder if in the future a chain like Starbuck’s will open up but instead of having a big emphasis on coffee and little emphasis on tea, it will be completely devoted to tea.  Does anyone think this is a possibility? 

After reviewing all the information I found I believe tea is most likely the healthier drink choice.  After all, it is the second most popular drink in the world.  Water is the first.

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The cure for almost all disease? Science vs. Greed

What if there was a very simple cure that already existed, that could cure cancer, AIDS, herpes and even Alcoholism? A book that I recently read called The One Minute Cure, The secret to healing virtually all diseases, claims that their is. Apparently, viruses are often killed off by exposure to oxygen. And a lock of oxygen can cause viruses. They say that if you get rid of 35% of a cells oxygen, within 48 hours it can become cancerous. 

The cure to many, many diseases are in food grade hydrogen peroxide. This releases oxygen in your body that can kill off viruses. 
This is dangerous to use for a few reasons because, you must mix it with liquid to water it down, drinking it alone can kill you. It’s also not FDA approved and has a small amount of real scientific evidence proving that its 100% safe, and effective. 
My mom is a nutritionist and uses it a lot, she hasn’t gotten sick at all since she started taking it. She also had a friend that got a cancerous looking mole, got them to take hydrogen peroxide, and then it went away. I tried it, but I never took it consistently enough to really tell, but for me, I felt like it didn’t really do anything.
 But according to the book it has helped many people. It’s extremely cheap and effective and the book claims that if it became popular the pharmaceutical business would lose trillions of dollars. I read the whole book and it seemed very convincing, but I’m not really sure what to think. But it is definitely worth a read and could possibly be a good class topic. It is all online at: 
Even if it’s not all true it makes you think, if there was a simple cure for everything, would the pharmaceutical business keep it hidden so they could keep making money? Is that really the greed that a capitalistic society creates?