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Initial Blog Post

My name is Bryan Meredith and I am from Pittsburgh, PA.

burgh.jpgI am currently a sophomore here at PSU studying to be an economics major which I finally just decided instead of Smeal and a business route. I am taking this course because several DUS advisors suggested it and said it would be a fun class for non-science majors. I am not planning to be a science major because I find the classes very difficult. It is not that I have anything against science, but I am better off elsewhere. I am looking forward to this class, the idea of blogging, and a fun semester!

“The Most Interesting Man in the World”: Ross Insana

You all know the guy in the “Dos Equis” commercial, right? Well did you know he is based on my life? No, not really, obviously. But I do have quite the interesting background to some. I am a junior from Pittsburgh, PA (yes, I am ACTUALLY from Pittsburgh unlike most people that say they are) majoring in Sports Broadcasting and minoring in Business. I am not interested nor will I ever be into science even though I’ve been successful in past science classes I’ve taken and the content came easy for me. Honestly, I am in this class since I need one more science requirement for my major and my adviser automatically put me in it! Science is just not my type of thing and I would not even think about being a Science major because I would get way too bored.

Thumbnail image for rosswithcup.jpgNow sports, THAT is my kind of thing! I am widely known for being one of the biggest baseball nerds out there. My athletics background is quite extensive, but I’ll give you all my very quick spiel.

First, I am a diehard Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Pirates fan so DEAL WITH IT! I grew up with a fan of both teams throughout my childhood and they are a massive part of my life. I’ve gone to roughly 20 or more games each of the past 8 seasons for both teams and never miss watching a game. I got to have my picture with and touch the Stanley Cup (that’s me in the picture to the left) in 2009 since I am a Pittsburgh Penguins Season Ticket holder. I had the pleasure of being the Head Coach of a 15-16 year old baseball team this summer. Currently, I am a member of the Penn State University Hockey Management Association and the Equipment Manager for the Club Hockey team here (I know, how neat is that?). In addition, I am one the two Pittsburgh Pirates Minor League writers for The “Mc” Effect. I will also be the host of a sports talk radio show and my own baseball ONLY radio show on PSU ComRadio in late September (SO MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN!). I am aspiring to work in baseball in the media, broadcasting, or in the front office in the not too distant future.

But the one thing I think distinguishes me from a lot of people is my neat travel experiences.
ISDC12861.JPG have had the pleasure to go on NINE cruises in the past 11 years (yes, NINE different times I got to sail on a giant ship in the middle of the ocean. Scary, eh?). I have gotten to go to some places where most will never get to see first-hand. But most importantly, where I have had some of my greatest life-long experiences and where I met some of my best friends. My growing list of destinations is: Key West, Cayman Islands, Mexico (Cozumel), Puerto Rico (San Juan), Bahamas (Nassau, Freeport), St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Aruba, Curacao, Turks and Caicos (Grand Turk), Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo), Yukon Territory (pictured to the right), Canada (British Columbia) and Alaska (Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan).

My Favorite Science is… Political Science?

Hey everyone!  My name is Ann Semel and I’m a junior History/Poli Sci major.  I am from Zelienople, PA which is about half an hour north of Pittsburgh.  I am a die hard Steelers fan and was in mourning for awhile when they lost the Super Bowl my freshman year.  

So why am I taking this course?  Well, like most of you, I needed a science course to fulfill my natural sciences gen ed requirement.  I was scanning through what was available on the PSU Schedule of Courses site and saw SC 200.  My three roommates are all science majors (Food Science, Animal Sciences and Biology), so they started cracking up when they heard I was taking a “science appreciation course.”  So far I really like it though and will definitely be recommending it to my fellow liberal art-ists.
The reason I am not a science major is because, well, I just never really liked it as much as what I’m studying now.  I really enjoyed chemistry in high school;  I took A.P. Chem my senior year and got an A.  But I really hated biology and physics (the other two sciences my high school required students to take), and always had a real love for history.  I kind of thought that being a chem teacher might be a fun career, but I realized after taking A.P. Chem how hard it was and how I know that my real passion was in the political field.
(Image Credit: Chris Kleponis/AFP/Getty Images; Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)
P.S.  Don’t forget to register to vote!  Election 2012 is not too far away!

Wishfully Thinking I could Think Like a Scientist…

Think about the one single inanimate object or subject that causes you the most mental anguish.  Why does it make you feel this way?  It’s most likely because you had a poor experience with it in one way or another; whether it was because it caused you to vomit, faint, experience intense anxiety attacks, or even resulted in a visit to the emergency room.  Well, after that considerably intense set-up, I will now explain why I chose the class designed for “non-science majors, [that] assumes no background knowledge, and possibly even a loathing for science.”

Although science has never caused me to vomit or any of the like, I have always had a poor experience with the subject.  In fact, the first B I ever received was during the first semester of my 5th grade science class.  As a fourth grader who was accustomed to receiving A’s, this was a shock and resulted in my association of science and personal “failure.” 

Even though science has never been my strong suit, I have always wished I could think like a scientist.  I look at my cousin who is majoring in organic chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University and my friend majoring in biology at the University of Wisconsin and wish I could enter their brains for a day to see the way that they view the world.

Initial Blog Pic.JPG

(My friend, Adam on the left, me in the middle, and my cousin, Julia on the right!)

That being said, I am not a science major because my mind thinks artistically instead of scientifically (this is not to say however that a scientist can’t also be artistic, it just happens to be the case for me personally).  With that, I am pursuing the Public Relations/Advertising degree in the College of Communications.  As a communications major, I had to get one of those general science requirements out of the way.  I was attracted to this course because it really is a great fit for my skill set and interests.  I am intrigued by the idea that science is all around us and I hope that this course will train my mind to become drawn to it.  I feel that I will have more success in this class because I am more interested in a realistic and practical approach to science than a class based on memorization.  Furthermore, I feel that it caters to my strength in writing more so than most other science classes.  I love the idea of blogging!

So, that’s my story!

-Carolyn Drozynski, Freshman from Pittsburgh, PA!

Science Blues

Hi everyone, my name is Taylor Clayton, a freshman here at Penn State. I am in the College of Communications and majoring in Advertising (as of now) with hopes of minoring in Spanish and Journalism. I desperately want to study abroad some where in Spain and eat some scrumptious churros while I’m there. I am from a small town outside of Pittsburgh called Irwin. I am a die heart Steeler fan and worship Ike Taylor, but I also enjoy drooling over Sidney Crosby and Garrett Jones while watching the Pens and Buccos.


Similar to many, I am taking this course because I need to fulfill my science Gen Eds and my advisor suggested it. Science has never been one of my strong points in school, from elementary school animal classifications to junior year physics bridges; it’s been quite a battle. Not to mention, I have a weak stomach so the many videos and dissections over the years have made science hard to enjoy. You’re welcome to everyone in class Thursday for keeping my head down during the video. I didn’t think everyone wanted to see what I had for lunch.

Meet Me

Hey! I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Alicia Racculia and I am a freshman in DUS, although I definitely want to major in something in The Smeal College of Business. I was here for summer session and am so excited to finally be on campus with all of the rest of the students this fall! I am from Pittsburgh, but Penn State has always been my favorite school so I knew I had to come here. Like most people enrolled in this class, science is not my thing. I was okay with biology, but my hatred for the subject set in when I was forced to take chemistry. I found it to be boring and did not understand when I would ever need to know any of the topics I was learning. Ironically, my step sister graduated with a degree in Biology from Penn State this past spring, but I definitely will not be following in her scientist footsteps.


So, when I was registering for my courses for this fall semester my advisor told me I would need to enroll in a natural science. This was disappointing for me, because I was hoping to be able to avoid this subject. When I came across this science course I felt that it would be broad enough to still keep my interest and now after looking at the syllabus I think I made the right decision. I know that I still will never be a scientist but at least this will fulfill my requirements.

What Does Science Have To Do With That?

Science and I used to get along in middle school, but like most camaraderies that reach high school, we grew apart.  I soon found myself hanging out with English books and Creative Writing papers.  I went from engaging in PJAS (Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science) in 7th and 8th grade to being editor of my school newspaper, the Leonid.  Now, I’ve found myself dual majoring in Public Relations and Secondary English Education, and after all, what does science have to do with that?  Basically, the only reason I’m here is to fulfill my Science Gen Eds.  

Cheer Nationals - Version 2.png
When I graduate from Penn State, I would love to be able to work for the Pittsburgh Steelers as a public relations specialist or maybe even go to law school and become an NFL agent. I am obsessed with football.  I love it so much, I want to be a part of it for my career.  However, if my unrealistic dream job doesn’t quite become reality, I’ll have a teaching degree for high school English, which was my favorite subject.   
In high school, some of my favorite times were standing underneath the Friday night lights and cheering for the football team.  In 2011, my squad went to Disney World for Nationals.  We took first in our division and celebrated by stunting illegally in the resort’s beach area.  
Cheerleading is an activity that I would also like to pursue here at Penn State, along with joining a sorority.  Despite my dislike for Science, I am excited for Science 200 considering it’s already unlike any other boring high school class.