Science Is Not For Me

I am doing this course for a two reasons. The first reason I am doing this course is because I am not very good at science, which is convenient since this class is not scientifically intense at all. Since I am not very good at science, my academic advisor recommended that I should take this class. The other reason why I am taking this course is to make my mother happy. My mother is a food scientist at Consumer Reports. Since she is a huge science geek (2:00), taking a class or two on science would really make her happy.

Although science seems intriguing to me, I am horrific at it, which is why I do not plan to be a science major. I have always struggled with science throughout my academic career and is clearly not a fit for me. I am more interested in history because everything is a simple fact that is already proven, unlike science which is incredibly confusing and makes you think deep. Although science is not my ‘cup of tea’, I am very excited for this class based on the first day. Science Hate

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