Hello friends

I. I am taking this class because it was recommended by my advisor in DUS. I had no idea that a class like this even existed, but I am so happy it does, for the sake of a Chem 110 professor who would be forced to grade my pitiful work. After further review, I’ve decided that I’m very excited for this class because I believe it also deals a little bit with social science and what us non-scientists see in the media and how it effects the world. It sort of reminds me of my high school physics teacher, Mr. Ross, who opened my mind to see that not everything we see on the internet about science is set and stone or even true at all.

II. I actually have no idea what I want my major to be but I know that I am not interested in science because I don’t have the brain capacity to focus on things that I can’t see. I also don’t like the idea that a lot of what people accept as true is known in science to be false. Kind of like the disagreement between theories. And science scares me sometimes. Like black holes.. those are scary. Like this is actually mind blowing.


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  1. Katelyn May Schreckengast

    This post is fantastic. I totally agree with you about the fact that this class is exciting because it isn’t just your stereotypical science course. It seems to offer a lot more. Happy National Dog Day! And yes…. Black holes are creepy as heck.

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