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Hi, I’m Allie Maniglia and I’m currently a Communications major with hopes of eventually being a Public Relations major! I am obsessed with traveling. I really hope to eventually go to every state, and every continent. I’m from Altoona, Pennsylvania which is about 45 minutes away from campus. (There is a PSU branch campus in Altoona, but I wanted a bit of a change!)

I’m honestly doing this course because I hope to double major in English but the class I was using to work towards that was dropped due to lack of interest by students. My academic adviser highly recommended the course to help fulfill my science general education course. I found the description and the one that she gave it, to be very interesting… so here I am!

I used to love science, and really hoped to do something that would involve some form of scientific research. I unfortunately will not be majoring in science because of an Earth Science teacher I had in my high school who completely ruined the topic for me. He never taught, and when I would say that I hoped to end up doing some type of scientific career, he would say that “girls can’t work in that kind of field. Your grades are good, but you have no chance.” His negativity really turned me away from the subject and I really didn’t feel the need to try to learn anything science related because of that. Now, I am excited to see what this course does have to offer, and hopefully it will help to eliminate any of my previous distasteĀ for the subject!


Lake Bled - Slovenia ( Just a place I really want to go)

Lake Bled – Slovenia ( One of the top places on my travel bucket list.)

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  1. Andrea Marie Linn

    I’m a communications major too! Maybe we’ll have some classes together in the future! Where was the best place you visited? Any place you would revisit? This past summer I went to
    Prague , Bratislava, Slovakia, Vienna, and Budapest with my schools choir! I hope you get to see more of the world in the future!

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