Why I’m taking Science 200

My name is Ethan Asam and my junior year of high school I enrolled in Microbiology because my sister recommended it and the teacher was one of the best in the school.  Microbiology turned out to be one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken and it really sparked my interest when it came to science.  Gram Staining and looking at bacteria and diseases just amazed me.  ECOLI    (ECOLI)

I heard great things about Science 200 when signing up for my classes so I thought like Microbiology that Science 200 could really get my attention and spark my interest.  I don’t plan on majoring in the Sciences because during high school I learned that my skills in Chemistry were god awful.  Mols just didn’t like me it was that simple.  I also really enjoyed biology yet it was really challenging to me to figure out cellular respiration and photosynthesis.  People often have also thought of me as a business man so I feel that my skills suit a business major more than a science major.  You can learn what sparked my interest in science by clicking here.

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