Initial blog post

I’m a freshman and I plan to major in journalism.  I’m from Grosse Pointe, Michigan and chose Penn State for the highly ranked College of Comm.

In high school I did not enjoy Chemistry or Physics.  I did not do well with the fact they both focused on formulas and concepts that were abstract and not tangible.  In contrast, my AP Environmental Science class was one of my favorites because I left that class with a better understanding of the world around me.  Although I enjoyed Environmental Science, given the fact I hated every other science class I’ve ever taken, the thought of majoring in science never crossed my mind.

My academic adviser at orientation saw I got credit for my AP Enviro class and recommended this class to me to fulfill my other science gen-ed requirement.  After reading the course description I took her advice and after the first two classes i’m looking forward to the rest of the semester.

Attached is a picture of my dog, Cooper.  When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian, but that would mean taking a lot of biology classes and putting animals to sleep; two things I would not be able to do.  However, I still love animals and hope to be able to focus some of my future blog posts on them.


3 thoughts on “Initial blog post

  1. Alexandra Elizabeth Brooks

    Hey Megan! I didn’t realize we were in the same science class! You’re the only other Michigander I know here at penn state. Here’s a link to the state of michigan’s website if anyone else is reading this.

  2. Briana Sara Blackwell

    I completely agree, putting animals to sleep would be tough! This link shines light on the struggle of being a vet.

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