First Blog!

Hello! My name is Devin Rafferty and I am a freshman here at Penn State.  I am currently a DUS major but hope to enter the Smeal College of Business.  I decided to take SC200 because not only does it fulfill my general education requirements but it seems like an interesting science class.   Since high school I’ve never really been good at science and after I took chemistry I realized that science as a major just wasn’t for me.  However, I am still interested by science and usually read Reddit’s “This Week In Science”.  I hope to learn a lot in this class and can not wait to read everyone’s blogs.!


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  1. Jessica Ann Taylor

    Hey Devin! I’m undecided too but hoping to enter into Smeal also! I had a rough time in chemistry too! I have never read “This week in science” but it sounds cool so maybe I will start! You probably learn some cool things to blog about from there!

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