The Biological Birds and Bees?

In my Freshmen Seminar class, my teacher asked us why we were interested in the traits we look for in the opposite sex. She said that the media shapes the things we look for in potential suitors– that’s the basis of our class. However! I digress and believe that humans are biologically inclined to look for tall men and women with curves. I decided to look further into the matter.

The article I read claims some of my ideas to be true. As a believed product of evolution, women with big “child-bearing” hips, tend to be considered more attractive because they supposedly show fertility. Something I found to be interesting was that who people are attracted to are often affected by their parents. Sounds creepy right? Not necessarily. First, on average, people born to older parents are more attracted to mature faces and vice versa with younger parents. Psychologists have found that people are often more attracted to their opposite sex parent’s hair and eye color. Psychology also shows that people are attracted to that same parent’s personality attributes, the Oedipus Complex.

We are also biologically programmed to look for symmetry in the face– that is a large part of what we are supposed to view as attractive. Studies have also shown that people with dark rings around their irises in the eyes are generally more attractive. We are also programmed to think that deep voices in men are better and the same for higher voices in women. See?! It’s not all just from the media.. Take that Dr. Nichols!

Guys– there’s a reason that us ladies find stubble attractive. It suggests maturity but still freedom and that a more full beard suggests that a man would be a great, caring father. That, I think comes from the media.


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  1. Margaret Mercedes Mccarthy

    I have never thought to look at attraction from the evolutionary stand point so I found this blog really interesting!! Here is an interesting video I found from the TED talks website. It talks about how your 5 senses all play a different role in assessing “potential suitors” as you said. It also spoke a little bit about “reproductive fitness”, or the qualities males see in a mate that shows they are suitable for reproduction.

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