Dirty Aliens

While beginning our class last week, many groups seemed very intrigued with the topic of life on other planets. While looking into the information already known about this, I came upon an article that made me think finding aliens on other planets is possible and easier than I previously thought. Now how is anything going to make that easier in a place as big as this below? That is a great question.


A recent study by Harvard-Smithsonian scientist suggests that the best way to find life on other planets may be to look at the industrial pollution found in the atmospheres. Considering that life forms are actually environmentally unfriendly, a planet whose atmosphere is more ‘dirty’ may have a better likelihood of harboring aliens. This is obviously interesting because many have given up on the idea of finding other life forms on different planets, but hopefully with this new outlook it will aid in making this possibility more realistic. This also creates a large buzz because of the great impact finding aliens would bring to people on earth.

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