Water & weight loss, can you lose weight by drinking water?


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I once heard my mom say that drinking water made you lose weight, I never asked her exactly why was that, but today I remembered and decided to look it up. Effectively drinking water can help you lose weight. Water helps you boost your metabolism, clean your body from waste, and can mislead you appetite. The question here is, does water really helps you lose weight? If people drink the right amount of water it might help them lose weight.  Some experts like Brooke Alpert, R.D., founder of B Nutritions and Keri Peterson, M.D., a physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and a medical advisor for Women’s Health say that “water doesn’t directly affect weight loss, but that water consumption is directly correlated with weight loss.” Also a lot of people confused being thirsty with being hungry so instead of drinking water they eat, which causes them to gain weight. If you ever get hungry try first drinking water and if after that you still hungry, then go please yourself and eat something, healthy of course.

Another question that comes to mind is, am I drinking the right amount of water? Here are some steps to know if you are drinking enough water:

  1. Fist check if you are drinking enough water- OK, this may seem weird, but its true… If you want to make sure you’re drinking enough water, check you toilet ofter using the bathroom, the darker your urine is the more water you need to drink.
  2. Drink water before you eat- before each meal drink a glass of water, this will help you feel fuller and you’ll eat less.
  3. Replace unhealthy drinks like soda and juice with water- Instead of drinking soda and all of those calorie-filled drinks, try drinking water. If you think that water doesn’t have taste, add a lemon, its actually healthy. I’m not saying that you have to change all of you drinks for water, you can pleased yourself once in a while.
  4. Drink ice cold water- I know that winter’s coming and probably you won’t want to drink ice cold water because its going to be ice cold outside, but if you have the chance to do it, do it! This will help boost you metabolism.
  5. Finally, make sure you are drinking the correct amount of water for your body- You must be thinking that the 8 glasses a day, 8-onces each its the correct way, well I’m going to tell you that its not entirely correct. Each body type is different, so the amount of water that a person should drink its going to be different too. The amount of water you drink depends of stuff, like you weight, wether you exercise or not and how much, the environment you live in and of course your diet. Here are some websites that can help you determined the amount of water you need to drink:

Website #1

Website #2

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4 thoughts on “Water & weight loss, can you lose weight by drinking water?

  1. Alexandra Christina Nielsen

    I think water can definitely help people loose weight because often the feeling of hunger is often a sign of dehydration so drinking a glass of water when you feel hungry could actually emulate the feeling of hunter if your body is simply dehydrated. Water also aides is digestion of foods as well if you drink it before you begin consuming food. In fact there was a study done with a group of obese individuals on a diet in which half of them were instructed to drink a water bottle before each meal and the other half was not. After a few months the group that drank water before every meal lost about 4.5 more pounds than those who did not. Pretty interesting.

  2. Kirya Ades-Aron

    My mom always says this to me also. Every morning before school I drink water before eating breakfast because sometimes I get too nauseous in the morning to eat anything. After having that glass of water in the morning I actually feel much fuller than I did when I woke up. It’s not a myth that by looking at your urine you can tell if you’re dehydrated because if your urine is dark it means you’re not drinking enough!

  3. Hayley Lynn Pontia

    My mom has always said the same thing. I also never thought that the amount of water would differ from each body type. In my high school PE classes it had always been taught that 8 8-ounce glasses of water a day would suffice, but upon reading this article it seems there is a wide range of proper hydration. Do you think the amount of water someone drinks would be offset by the amount of sodium a person consumed for that day? Should they drink more water?

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