The Act of Flirting ;)

flirt-16In my last blog post, I talked about the body language of babies when they are first born. Now, I want to fast forward to an avalanche of years later when these babies grow up to be teenagers. Yes, they are older, but they still use body language every single day; especially towards the opposite sex. You see it in college all of the time, especially at fraternities. Yes, I am talking about the act of flirting.

You do it. I do it. Your friends do it. Your roommate does it. Your siblings do it. Your mother did it. Your father did it. Your grandparents did it. I think you get the drift… the fact is that we all have done it and seen it before. Let’s get real, it is almost impossible to go to a frat party without seeing at least one couple grind on each other or playing tonsil hockey on the dance floor. Those actions are a result of the phenomenon of flirting. But, you may not realize, body language is a huge part of flirting.

In the past, I have seen pretty hysterical attempts of flirting and it is extremely entertaining. Some people just do not know when to stop. Here are some hints to when you should really stop or continue “macking” on the male or female that you have been flirting with.


After polling a couple of my female friends, I asked them what they did when they flirted with a guy and I got some pretty interesting feedback which was surprisingly very similar.

According to my female friends, if they are interested in a guy they will play with their hair, lean in close to them, and act like they are overly interested in the topic, even if they are not interested. Another thing that they told me was that they would laugh at the guy’s joke even if it wasn’t funny. Apparently, girls do this to make the guy feel confident and confidence is the “sexiest” thing ever… Weird. Finally, I was told that that they would usually place there hands on a guy’s arm or lick/bite their lips if they are interested in them.

However, if they are disgusted with the guy that came up to them they would cross their arms to show their discomfort or lack of interest. Also, they will not make any eye contact with the guy or play with something, such as a phone or accessory (bracelet, earring, necklace, etc.). By doing this, they are telling them that they are bored.



After polling my boys, I asked them what they did when they flirted with a girl and I got even more interesting feedback.

According to my male friends, if they are interested in a girl they will lean in close to them and stare into their eyes to show them that they are only paying attention to them. Also, they like to flex a little bit to show a girl their “guns” (muscles) to demonstrate that they are healthy, fit, and strong. Finally, they all told me that they will try to be as nice as can be to ‘woo’ them. Doing things such as holding the door, holding their purse, and giving compliments are used tactics to make a girl feel wanted.

However, if a boy is not interested in a girl, they would of never even have came up to you… which is horrible but kind of true.


So, now you all know what to look for if you want to know if a boy or girl is or is not interested in you. After gathering all of this information from my friends, it was easy to figure out that most of a person’s ‘game’ has to do with their body language.

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5 thoughts on “The Act of Flirting ;)

  1. Lauren Marie Freid

    I loved reading this article and found it very interesting. I’m sure everyone wonders about flirting and the difference between a girl flirting with a guy, and vice versa. From personally attending frat parties, it is pretty funny to see what some guys/girls do to get one another’s attention. I agree with you that flirting has a lot to do with body language. If a girl is interested in a guy, she will move closer to him and engage in conversation. I feel that is the same for a guy pursuing a girl. I am curious to see more studies of this and statistics to see what type of body language means what. The article below I found also says that people engage in flirting through social media, but the biggest percentage of flirting is through body language.

  2. amg6003

    I found this article to line up exactly with what I know to be true of flirting. I think examples from fraternities are very relatable to what we all experience at college, but there is a world beyond fraternity flirting. I totally agree with Sydni in that most of our generations flirting does happen through social media. I have a brother in high school and he tells me that he knows when girls are interested in him because they will favorite his tweets excessively or like most of his instagram pictures, which we all do, but it’s a completely different realm of flirting.

  3. Jiayi Wang

    This is a really interesting topic because flirting happens all the time but not many people dig into this. And I agree that body language plays a huge part in flirting and it works if you show the proper ones. When I go to parties I do notice these movements and after reading this blog I think I will pay special attention to those body languages haha

  4. Christopher Vecchio

    I really enjoyed this article and completely agree with all of it. Just going to parties you can pick out all these motions and see who’s flirting and who’s not. Guys and girls do a lot of the same things when they flirt even if they don’t notice it. Flirting is pretty natural and that is why both sexes do mostly the same actions. Just reading this post and looking back at old situations and realizing that I have used most of these moves.

  5. Sydni Noelle Jean

    I agree with everything that is said because personally, I do the same exact things when flirting with a guy. In our generation, more flirting happens online or in a text message as well, which is not as interesting as the body language face-to-face with a person. Read this article about flirtation and how psychologists try to study it and what it means. It’s very interesting.

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