Do carrots really Improve Eyesight?

carrotSince I was a little girl, my father has always told me to “eat carrots because I will be able to see better”. I HATE carrots, but when my dad tells me that my eyesight will improve as a result of eating these nasty veggies, I always force myself to eat a few a day. However, after looking into it, I found out that improving eyesight isn’t exactly what carrots do.

According to Web MD, carrots contain beta-carotene. With beta-carotene our bodies create vitamin A, and as many of you know Vitamin A helps to promote healthier eyes.  People with anything less than perfect vision cannot consume carrots for perfect vision. However, the health of their eyes can be strengthened. So, in a way carrots are allowing you to see better, but in the sense that they are creating healthier eyes, not actually improving vision.

During my research on carrots and vision, I came across a story that I found rather interesting. I’ll share it below.

During World War Two the British Royal Air Force released a story that talked about how one of their top pilots ate a lot of carrots in order to have good vision. He was amazing at flying planes at night, and he said it was all due to the fact that he consumed a large amount of carrots. As a result of the story, many British people started eating more carrots. Although the story published was strictly propaganda to conceal the fact that they were using radar, it is most likely the reason why so many people think carrots allow you to see better today.




3 thoughts on “Do carrots really Improve Eyesight?

  1. Weng Ee Then

    I was surprised as well! For most of my life I’ve been told that carrots improve eyesight and therefore have always told my blurry eyed friends to stock up on them. I wondered how carrots improved vision as well, and if they do reduce the impact of vision diseases then it’s not bad advice to tell people to eat carrots. Another health benefits of carrots is that it promotes healthy skin and helps repair skin tissue. So keep eating carrots people!

  2. Richard Michael Francis

    It sucks to learn that if my eye sight started to go bad that I couldn’t fix it by simply eating more carrots. On the other hand, it is nice to know that at least some part of the myth about carrots is true where we can at least strengthen the health of our eyes. I looked into it to see what some other sources [listed below] said and they all have the same information reporting that they improve eye health just not vision. It’s amazing that after hearing my entire life that they improve vision that theres this many articles out there disproving the myth.

  3. Chelsea Jaye Silbiger

    I was surprised to learn that carrots are not beneficial to people with less than perfect eyesight. After reading that carrots can only help strengthen the eye, I began to wonder how carrots work to improve vision. According to “they reduce the impact of vision diseases, promote healthy vision and decrease vision loss”. When considering the many benefits associated with eating carrots it makes rational sense to dine on those delectable vegetables.

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