Is Marijuana Worse Than Cigarettes?

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I was completely shocked when I read what the American Lung Association had to say about marijuana and although I find it shocking it is very important to know the effects and what it can have on you. We know that medicinal marijuana can be used as medicine HOWEVER the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) only recognizes the THC which is found in marijuana to be approved not the plant itself. Reasoning behind this looks at the risks involved and they are unsure if it is beneficial or not. Marijuana does in fact have cancer causing substances, 33 to be exact. Just like nasty cancer sticks marijuana deposits the tar into the lungs and can produce a greater amount of tar into ones’ body. Unlike cigarettes marijuana is not filtered and can produce a greater risk of problems including coughing and respiratory problems that we see in cigarette smokers. We know marijuana effects ones’ reaction and motor skills but there is also a risk of heart attack due to the increased heart rate marijuana produces when taken in by an individual. Some people including me never thought marijuana could be addictive. In Colorado substance abuse centers are seeing an increase in youths reaching out for help. The chemical used in marijuana called dopamine creates a physical addiction. This is extremely harmful towards our younger generation because it inhabits our understanding of consequences and abilities to perform in a classroom environment or work environment. Just like trying to quit tobacco marijuana users who are trying to quit experience the same irritability, sleep deprivation, and anxiety. After reading this article from the American Lung Association I now have a greater understanding on the effects that marijuana can have on an individual.¬†





2 thoughts on “Is Marijuana Worse Than Cigarettes?

  1. Nicolas Scott Chambers

    I strongly disagree with this. I wrote a series of papers last year showing how marijuana is okay for consumption and how it should be legalized and alcohol should be made illegal. Anyways, during my research I found that there are 0 deaths related to marijuana. So I found it a little interesting to hear your perspective considering Marijuana has been used since 2000 bc. Good post though. Below are the links to a speech I did on the topic and a paper I wrote on how marijuana and alcohol should switch legalities.

  2. Kevin Zheng

    Nice post! I just was wondering, I understand that the chemicals in Marijuana are found to be addicted, but is that enough evidence to prove that Marijuana is an addictive drug?

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