Why are dogs so loyal?


Any dog owner can’t describe how much their dog really means to them. Dogs have always been considered “Man’s best friend”, but why is this? Do you really think it is because we give them food and a place to live? Dogs are one of the most loyal animals in the animal kingdom. Dogs want to be a part of a family because they are a pack animal. They want love as much as they want to be loved. Cesar Millan has one of the best articles on the loyalty of dogs and some pretty great stories of their loyalty. Going to college and missing your dog is going to happen to all dog owners and sometimes they are missed more than our parents. When I left for summer session here at Penn State I missed my dog so much but to see his reaction when I walked back in my door at the end of summer was absolutely amazing. Dogs are just naturally affectionate. They want a loving companion just like us humans. Dogs never want to bite or fight to be harmful it is humans that train them to be this way. All dogs have that natural unconditional love. Dogs know everything about their owner, look where they are when you come home from work at the same time everyday they wait at the same spot looking at the door. They get excited every time you come home not because it is time to get fed but because they love you and want to see you. Dogs really are mans best friend.




8 thoughts on “Why are dogs so loyal?

  1. Francesca Barone

    I love this topic so much because my dog is truly one of a kind, especially being away from him allows me to appreciate him so much more. I feel as though a dog knows their owner better than anyone else considering the fact that they see them in their worst most happy moments, through every emotion they feel. It’s truly amazing how much a dog actually knows and understands when they are trained and an owner talks to them. My dog would greet me and show his teeth as a way of smiling and it is the cutest thing ever. It’s also kind of crazy to think of the emotional attachment we have with an animal that doesn’t have the ability to talk back to us, which is also a reason I feel we adore our pets more. Since they cannot respond to us they do nothing wrong, they can’t talk back so what’s there to hate? I think that they sense our energy and love for them which directly reflects on them loving us back.

  2. Julia Solly Levine

    I agree with this blog post because as a dog owner, I too know completely the absolute love and affection experienced when I see my dog for the first time in a long time. Dogs will do anything to reunite with their owner if there is a strong connection. A recent story proved the immense love and affection dogs have for their owners when this runaway dog survived 7 weeks and traveled to the owner’s daughter’s house, which she had only been once before, just to reunite with his owner.

  3. Xiaotong Wang

    Since I was a kid, I started to begging my mom to let me have a dog. Ten years passed, I still don’t know how it like to have a partner who love you more than love everything. But now, since I’m in college, I can move out and have my own dog finally! And here’s some advice: if in this article you can add some science research that prove physically why dog’s so loyal. Is there something working on their brain? or if it’s decided by their special gene?

  4. Stephanie Rose Polinak

    I agree that dogs are really a part of the family! We got my dog when I was only four years old and when he passed away last summer, my whole family and even some of my relatives were extremely upset. It took me a couple days to stop crying when I thought about it! Dogs bring such positivity to our lives. I know my dog would be waiting at the bottom of the stairs every morning waiting for us to wake up and let him outside and feed him. He would love to sit with us when we ate dinner together. I can’t wait to be able to have another dog of my own one day.

  5. Marissa Alexandra Rapaport

    I have a dog, and I can relate when you say that “his reaction when I walked back in my door at the end of summer was absolutely amazing.” That always makes me happy when I finally see my dog after a long period of time. According to the article, “Dogs and Human Emotions,” “They feel our emotions as energy radiating from our bodies.” So, in turn, they feel the same excitement and feelings that we feel when we see them. I truly think it’s amazing that we can share that type of feelings with our dogs.


  6. Amanda Marie Binkley

    Reading this post made me miss my dog so much more. Dogs really are the most loyal animals. Their unconditional love is like no other and theres nothing that can replace that. As much as I love it here at Penn State I’m so excited to walk through my front door at Thanksgiving and see my dogs reaction. I really do feel that dogs can sense when something is wrong with you; mentally, emotionally, or physically. Whenever my family and I are leaving for vacation my dog gets very anxious when she sees us packing our bags. The same happened when I left for college. She was whimpering and crying as I was packing the car and it broke my heart. A dog’s senses are so extraordinary that they are sometimes hard to believe.

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