Do Laxatives Help You Lose Weight?


Now a days, people will do anything to get thin fast.  This includes taking laxatives in order to “cleanse” their bodies.  According to Consumer Health Information Corporation, “Approximately 4% of people abuse laxatives at some point, and as many as 7% of high school students abuse laxatives for weight loss.”  This is a huge problem and people need to realize the consequences that come along with taking the drug.  Laxatives only cause people to lose their body fluids, which doesn’t actually do anything in the long run.  In fact, after taking a laxative, one will become bloated because the body will go through water retention.  Many do not know this and will end up taking more laxatives because they think it will exterminate the bloating.

If laxatives are not used when they are actually needed, the last thing one will experience is weight loss.  However, the three main things one will experience is diarrhea, cramps and dehydration.  Laxatives also make you lose a significant amount of potassium.  According to Hub Pages, “Sodium phosphate is the active ingredient in most laxatives, and it makes you lose potassium. This is bad for your kidneys as well as your heart.”  Scared yet? It gets worse! To all the ladies out there, laxatives can enhance your chances of getting pregnant!  The substance prevents the absorption of medications.  So if you are on birth control, the hormones will not be absorbed correctly.  

Abusing laxatives is a form of purging and it is not the “natural” way to lose weight!  After taking the pill regularly, the body will build up a tolerance.  So one will end up needing more and more pills in order for them to work.  Once one is addicted to laxatives, there are long-term effects.  According to Recovery Ranch, “Internal organ damage may result, including stretched or “lazy” colon, colon infection, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and rarely, liver damage. Chronic laxative abuse may contribute to the risk of colon cancer.”  Essentially, taking laxatives to lose weight is a very idiotic thing to do because not only does it have terrible side effects, but it doesn’t actually help weight loss.

Kristen Robertson


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  1. Kendall Agosto

    This is so scary but it is information that all girls should know. Girls really are always looking for a fast way to lose weight and they will do anything to get thin. I have heard of laxatives to lose weight before because my friends took them and she didn’t end up losing any weight at all. Laxatives cause our bodies to lose water weight that comes back right as we start to drink any liquids, so in the long run, it really does just hurt your body. Some people can even become addicted to laxatives cause them a lot of damage to their bodies in the long run.

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