Is There Ever An Even Playing Field

Athletes who are competing at the highest level will do anything to become number one. Whether it be rigorous training and workout out, or by using band substances like anabolic steroids. Whatever gives them the edge over their opponent is what the want. Yet are steroids the only thing that gives an athlete the extra push they need to be the top player? Or is there something else that is unable to be regulated because its natural?

People are born in all shapes and sizes and there is no doubt about that. People are also born will different body types, meaning one person can be born with a wider frame or another person may be born with a tall yet skinny frame. This fact directly effects the sports world because players may have the body type that was made for their sport. Their body type gives them the natural edge. For example Matthew Pinsent  has a greater lung capacity than most. Now does his mutation give him an advantage over some? The answer is yes, as his lung capacity allows a better oxygen flow making it take longer for his muscles to fatigue. But while people like Matthew do not need to take any steroids because he is already ahead, why cant others take steroids to get their body on the same playing field as him. Their never will be an even playing field because everyone is born in different ways. Everyone has their own benefits and flaws which make it impossible to have an even competition.

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9 thoughts on “Is There Ever An Even Playing Field

  1. Corey Scott Lyman

    I agree with what you said how there will never be an even playing field but I think that’s what make sports amazing. If there really was a completely even game then it’d be so boring. I played baseball all my life and it was a good feeling knowing you just beat a team that was so much better then you were or the feeling of knowing you’re going to crush the other team. There’s so many aspects to individuals that are unique which is why competition is so much fun. No one is the same, which is why it always will be much more satisfying saying you just won against Goliath as opposed to David.

  2. Katherine Sharon Trimble

    There will never be an even playing field. This post made me also think of how different heights benefit you for different sports. For example Michael Jordan would be better for basketball because he is so tall. At 5’4, Russell A. Baze holds the record for the most wins in horse race history. Taller people would be better in basketball, and shorter people would be better for horse racing.

  3. jvs6117

    I agree that the playing field is not fair but the games itself is fair because the opportunity is all the same across the board. Minus the fact of drugs that are given to star athletes both legal and illegal, interchangeable between each sport, I believe that everyone has the same opportunity to compete and win. There are countless amounts of both humans and animals that have triumph defying all odds despite their chances. These individuals are known as underdogs. These underdogs compete just as hard as those with more capabilities. In fact, they might work even harder. I strongly believe in nothing is never given it is taken and I consider myself an underdog. Underdogs are not like any other because your example may show a swimmer that has the biggest lung to help him breathe longer thus swim faster, but the underdogs have the biggest HEARTS who ultimately tries harder.

  4. Leona Kogan

    I do not believe that since athletes have different body types and different natural advantages it is okay to use steroids to catch up. I believe the body can be trained and worked harder. Steroids offer superhuman powers that no natural human could ever catch up to. THAT would make the playing field even more uneven. Fact of the matter is, some players will always be better than others.

  5. Hyunwoo Kim

    It is another sad aspect of sports. We constantly fool ourselves by believing our sweat and passion for something would bring success into our lives. Yet it is not an entirely false statement, it isn’t accurate either, especially in sports world. It is very rare that people overcome those physical limitations with which they were born.

  6. Nicolas Scott Chambers

    I believe initially from birth the playing field is close to even. But once a parent has instilled a certain personality into their child the playing field varies greatly. Although our genetics are all different we still are a product of our parents and how they raise us, in my opinion.

  7. Katelyn May Schreckengast

    I agree with Justin. That’s what makes the sport so interesting. There are so many different elements that go into a person’s competitiveness as an athlete. What they’re born with, how much they’ve trained, and what they’ve become. I’ve always wondered how one can measure ability when some have such an advantage over the other, but that’s just the way it is! Can’t change what your momma gave you.

  8. Max Cohen

    An even playing field is an idea that we put in our mind to try to make things fair. Realistically, a playing field must be uneven because everybody has different skills and skill levels. You can try to even it out by adding different factors but it will never truly be even.

  9. Justin Fernandez

    The playing field is always going to be uneven. It is not physically possible for people to have the same body structure, but it is possible for them to have the same attributes. This is what creates competition. If everyone was the same their would be no competition. Ultimately, we would have no entertainment from sports anymore!

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